Thursday, August 28, 2008

A blog post

Greetings! My Aunt gets a shout out for making a sarcastic remark about how I had a link on the blog I don't update anymore. I thought that was funny. Don't know what my problem is. Let's see, I think maybe you all know I injured myself and so this is the end of the third week of not walking/reduced walking. I am ready to get started again. It was just my foot, but I don't want to mess things up by being stubborn.

It is Labor Day weekend already and here in Des Moines we've only had five days above 90 degrees, so everyone is concerned that we will have a really bad winter...again. Last winter was out of your mind harsh. I refuse to go for this theory and have decided that a mild summer should most logically lead to a mild winter. That makes more sense.

My birthday was a lot of fun, presents and surprises and cards and flowers. Aubree got me the cutest flowers - they were daisies that are cut short and put into a cored Red Delicious apple. Really cute and doing very well on my desk. Can't have flowers at the house because they get eaten and then they end up in a pile on the floor...usually on the carpet, eh? If anyone can figure out how to get a cat to throw up on the kitchen floor, or on tile...well, you get the idea.

I've spent much of this summer on the porch swing out on the covered deck.

At work three of us (one of them an older man) were standing around this morning talking about whether we would wear white after this weekend. I think that rule is stupid. White shoes, no, but white capris or shorts, why not? It is hot in September. Most of the time. We'll have to see what this September brings.

The marathon is October 19. I have a short amount of time to get back into the groove.

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Jack said...

Take your time getting back in the groove.You will do fine October 19