Tuesday, November 23, 2010

List maker

I'm a list maker. I have a system. I write things down in a numbered list. I cross it off when it's done.

Then things get complicated and messy. So the things not crossed off get circled because they are things I need to do now. If something is a priority above all the rest, there's a star. Nothing on this list has a star.

That means I was busy.

I highlight things to do after the circles. In orange things are circled that need to move to a new list.

So I'm just about ready for Thanksgiving. This list has been retired. There is a new, neat list of last-minute items next to me. I love my list. I love it so much I wrote a blog post about it. I love lists so much, I broke a month-long blog spell to talk about a stupid list.

Last Sunday, this young man went to the grocery store with me. We bought a 2-liter bottle of soda and a pack of gum. His brother gave him a hard time and made him cry. Or I made him cry. I'm not sure. Maybe because I thought the argument would blow over. At any rate, he sat in the back seat and cried. His brother got out of the car and I tried to talk to him. I asked him what was wrong. He sat there and cried for awhile and then he got out of the car. But not before he twice threw the pack of gum at the front of the car. I gave him the option of his talking it out or me talking about anger and his behavior.

He got the speech about being angry and throwing things.

But I kept the speech short and sweet. I said it wasn't appropriate behavior and really just left it there. He got out of the car and I drove off. It stinks when they are upset, but I am learning to let the chips fall where they fall.

This morning I showed up at his school for something called Breakfast Buddies. I walked into his classroom to get him and when he saw me he smiled. He got up and made his way from the back of the room. Halfway through, he started talking to me.

"Mrs. Caron?" he said.

"Hey bud," I replied.

He got closer and said, "I'm sorry." I thought maybe he was thinking that he was supposed to call me the night before Breakfast Buddies and I almost got my mouth open to ask him or express my confusion when he said...

"I'm sorry about Sunday afternoon in your car."

I accepted his apology and tried not to float down the steps to the lunchroom.


Rambling Woods said...

Hello.....How nice that he was sorry and admitted it...That is always a golden moment in any parent, teacher, or anybody's like.

You remind me of my friend and her lists. I prefer to wing it making me less likely to actually get done what I had intended to...so you are much better prepared than I am...Michelle

Rose said...

It's alright to float....in fact I am floating with you! Or would have been!

Naquillity said...

hello Piece of News~ i don't know that i could be so organized as you with a list and a system for it. i usually try to remember everything i'm supposed to do and find later when i return home that i didn't remember everything, sigh. maybe a list isn't a bad thing.

is this boy a neighbor. if so, it was kind of him to consider your feelings and apologize to you. i thought it was nice of you to take him to the store with you & buy those things too. glad you two were able to share a breakfast together at the Breakfast Buddies~

wanted to also say thanks for your kind comment you left me on my blog. it's greatly appreciated. makes me feel better to know your husband went through the same thing and made it through. i'm pleased you two have many more years together.

have a great day.