Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gingerbread House at Salisbury House

I went to a wonderful mansion here in town called Salisbury House. It was featured once on the old A&E television show America's Castles. It's a really amazing building with 17 bedrooms, a gym, a bowling alley and all sorts of neat features from early 20th century. Tonight I went with Julie to the gingerbread house workshop.

See the glasses of red wine? It was creativity juice.

By the way, could I look more like my grandmother?

In this photo, we are clearly just getting underway. I'm really pleased with mine and was satisfied the entire time. I had made a gingerbread house my senior year in high school and I knew that it was going to be cute no matter what I did. Same with Julie's. It's candy! What's not to love?

Oh and they offered wine and extra royal frosting and yummy appetizers and treats. I may have overindulged. There was an artichoke dip and eclairs. How could I not indulge?

Here is my finished house. The chimney has fire sprouting from it. The whole house is a homeowner's insurance agent's nightmare. Do you see the pine tree lurking behind the snowman? The ice dams ruining the roof?

Do you see the slip and fall claim?

The gingerbread man got clumsy and tripped while cutting through the yard. That's a snowdrift at his feet.

I didn't outline my windows, but I did hang wreaths in them. Plus I did a little landscaping and double-plus just look at that snowman's red hat!! He looks like a sailor to me.
After the houses were built and we were fully snacked, we walked around the house. It's really beautiful, but it was built from materials that Carl Weeks had brought over from England. The house is mostly stone-even the floors. And the windows are single-pane glass in metal frames and I've just lived in the Midwest too long not to wonder how you heat a house like that!!
I had a fantastic time this evening. Thanks, Julie!


Naquillity said...

oh, how i love your gingerbread house. i enjoyed reading your post too. it made me smile (maybe laugh a little too) over the homeowner's insurance. love how you put a pile of snow at the feet of the gingerbread man who'd fallen. you did a nice job. glad you had such a nice time. the place you visited sounds great. all that stone had to make for a beautiful house.

Caron said...

Thanks! It was a lot of fun. I didn't set out to make the house an insurance claim, but realized afterward that I had some issues...

Right now the house is being stored inside the oven so the cats don't lick it pieces. I put a note on the stove warning that the house was inside - so don't turn the oven on first! Then I will have to file a claim to replace the entire gingerbread house and loss of life for the fallen man.

Rambling Woods said...

I so want to make one of those and was looking at a kit at the store. Then I pictures the cats running off with gingerbread and icing...and well... I like the creativity juice and LOVE your house.. and you do not look like a grandmother, Yours or anybody elses...

Rose said...

I should have got my behind in gear and made a GB house for Lorelei...there is always next year.

I sit and wonder how our homes in the midwest was heated before central is so cold here today. I think the high was 17 or 18ยบ kitties willingly stay inside for the most part and look for a place to curl up and sleep.

Anonymous said...

This looks like such a neat event! Love your house of actuarial horrors.

Carver said...

Your gingerbread house is fantastic. I enjoyed these shot so much. Happy weekend.