Sunday, June 26, 2011

Owls at the nature center at Hueston Woods

This cute little screech owl, Elvira, is nibbling on the naturalist's finger. She was hit by a car and lost her eye. Since she can't hunt, she lives at the nature center.
Here's another photo where you can see her eye a little:

Here's an owl (with both eyes) getting some affection. You can see in this photo that he had a serious injury to his wing. Notice that it has been amputated:

This owl just looks angry, but I think most owls do. What do you think? All the animals here have been injured. Most of the birds have had wings amputated or have shoulder injuries that prevent them from flying. I believe this is the owl that was found after being shot with a shotgun.

Here's the bobcat again:

I'm a little surprised, but I didn't get photos of the eagles. They have a bald eagle and a golden eagle. They're both pretty old. The bald eagle has had lead poisoning, so his brain isn't quite right. I think the golden eagle had a wing injury, but I'm not sure.

We left a donation for the care of these critters. The cougar alone takes about $3,000 a year.


Rose said...

I think the owl you think looks angry...I always think of them as college professors. Don't know why...just what they make me think of.

A piece of news said...

Well, sure! They come with little mortar boards and glasses!

Sofia Reino said...

Really enjoyed these posts about the nature. Love the owl!

Rambling Woods said...

Thanks for donating...these injuries are caused by us...shooting an owl for pete's sake...