Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas Happy Campaign

Family economics being what they are today in the world, I want to campaign on behalf of a charming, slightly old-fashioned thing that you can do to bring smiles and happiness to the faces and hearts of friends and family far and wide. 

Send Christmas cards! 

If you aren't into Christmas, send New Years' greetings. 

Even now when the mail is full of bills and advertisements, who doesn't still hope to see a letter or a card in the mail? The way the world works, it's pretty rare for most of us to see anything personal and maybe you've given up looking. 

But you know you used to. And I bet you loved the cards and letters. Email isn't the same thing. Sure, it's "free" but you can't hold it, open it, slide the card out, smile and laugh, display the card and read the note over and over again. No, all you can do is click, click, click.

You will smile and then you'll move on and it will be forgotten. 

Be remembered this year for something special. 

I know on the whole sending Christmas cards looks expensive, but considering the cost per smile, it's really a delightful tradition that costs less than a pack of gum. 

The cards don't have to be expensive. Good luck finding cards at a mass retailer that actually say Merry Christmas (don't shop at Target! I had a big fit last year trying to find fun cards that didn't say happy holidays. I finally settled on a card that said Merry christmas (sic) and I threw them away. I was so mad.), but if you get the most inexpensive cards you can find or make, you can send a moment of shiny, glittering happiness to a friend or loved one for less than a dollar. 

If you already send Christmas cards, send a few more. 

When you consider what the U.S. Postal Service can do for less than 50 cents, I say it's a bargain we've all forgotten about. So put on some Christmas music, pull out the stamps and pen, brew a cup of tea or chocolate and treat yourself to spreading holiday cheer. 

That's my campaign for the year: Spreading happiness one envelope at a time. 

Do you like getting personal mail in the mailbox? Do you display Christmas cards during the season? What do you think? 


Rose said...

I LOVE sending and receiving Christmas cards....and yes I tape them to the doorway between living room and dining room.

Rambling Woods said...

I do love getting them except for the one cousin of mine who sends this 'letter' bragging about every single thing they all did all year. I have threatened that I will come up with one that is pages and pages of stuff that we have done..LOL...Michelle

Lauren said...

OK ok I'll send a xmas card, I usually do. Sometimes the "paper" makes me less likely to send. I love personal mail, nothing better than hand written note or letter.

MyMaracas said...

I do love Christmas cards, and I long for the handwritten letters I used to get, way back when. I keep all of the cards in a big hat box and bring it out every year.