Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Regis Philbin retires

Dear Regis Philbin,

No one blames you for retiring. It's not the same thing as quitting. And although I don't watch the show regularly, I have formed an opinion over the years about your replacement.

The best new host for Kelly is her husband Mark. I like Neil Patrick Harris more than Mark, but together, Mark and Kelly do wonderful things.

P.S. Could you please do something else with her hair? For years it has looked the same and I have never once liked it.
See folks, when Kelly has a guest, she changes a little bit. There was that one fellow from American Idol. He used to guest host quite a bit when Regis was doing the Millionaire thing. Then one day, and I was watching that day so this is my observation and not something I read elsewhere, this fellow (I can't think of his name) shushed Kelly!

The look on her face was sort of funny, but the look on his face seemed to me like he realized what he had just done.

I didn't do extensive research or track the results or anything, but I don't think he ever showed up as a guest or a guest host ever.again.

See, Kelly needs Mark because if he shushes her it's just plain funny. They're funny together. And even funnier would be if they called it the "Regis Show with Kelly and Mark."

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Rambling Woods said...

I remember the two of them from the soap 'all my children'...now I am dating myself...cause it was years ago....