Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday, Sunday Can't Trust That Day

OK, so according to the Mamas and the Papas, it's really Monday you can't trust. I think it's just too ironic for things to go wrong on Mondays so I usually refer to Tuesday as the day you get hit from the side. Naturally, it doesn't always work out that way, but you get my drift.

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen today. My back is killing me from so much time on my feet hunched over the counter doing delicate maneuvers on not-so-delicate cookies.

I've been watching Golden Girls all day because I've really been too busy to concentrate on the television. This means I've seen the exact same set of commercials hour after hour after hour. It leads me to this revelation: The best advice I ever got from a doctor.

She said that lactose intolerance can be cured by drinking milk.

Somehow, I developed some intolerance to lactose years ago. That's a mystery to me since I'm a dairy loving fool. So I started to drink milk in little amounts when I was home to deal with the misery and can you believe it? She was right.

I was baking cookies all day. I won't tell you for sure what I finally decided to bake because my co-workers know about this blog. I don't know that they read it more than once a year, but they know about it.

Yesterday I spent the morning in Pella looking at eagles and letting them look at me. To stay warm, I ran in the snow. This led to a three-hour nap later in the day.

Then I saw two eagles in a tree right on the path. I had already trudged, alone, down the riverside to see some eagles, but they were really high up in the trees. One of them got all offended by my presence and took off. Then I trudged through more snow down a path and watched 5 or 6 eagles soar over me.

Back to the path. There they were, sitting there looking like eagles do. They have that look on their face that says they sort of hate you and they need to pretend you aren't really there. I have a photo that should knock your socks off, but you'll have to wait for Thursday's Nature Notes to see it.

That's been my weekend.

If you get hungry for cookies, wander on over. I've got a whole bunch. We can dip them in tolerant milk and watch Golden Girls.


Sofia Reino said...

Golden Girls? Seriously? So, does this mean we will have a posting as to what type of cookies you made tomorrow? I certainly hope so and looking forward to reading it.

Rose said...

Funny, I just switched over to Golden Girls...why I don't know...I know them all by heart! The one currently playing is where Blanche has has balloons in her bosom!

Rambling Woods said...

My daughter was dxd as lactose intolerant as a baby...the horror of those years ice cream..she grew out of it and doesn't remember it fondly....