Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What the last month has taught me

Let's do random chat!

1. Daytime television has very little variety. I have seen way too much Susan Lucci. She's a wonderful person, I'm sure. She's a little bony for a spaghetti strap dress, but other than that I can't judge her. What I can judge is overexposure and I'm not talking about the spaghetti strap dress. Apparently she wrote a book or she's in a movie or something, something, something.

Also, Ashley Judd? On one of the morning shows they said they had called her sister and her mother about the book she just released. Mom said, "I love my daughter very much and hope her book is successful." In other words, I don't believe you. Whether it's true or not: ouch.

2. The last time I watched Dancing with the Stars was 2006. It was also the last time I spent weeks with my mom. My dad had just died and I was there for six weeks working on the house. I got all wrapped up in the show, but when I got home I sort of forgot about it. Well now I'm back to watching it and I'm all bummed that Wendy Williams got kicked off and if that idiot Bruno Whoever calls Kendra Wilkinson a stripper again, Ima shoot the man. First, he makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth and second, she isn't just a stripper. I don't know if she still strips at all or if she was, in fact, a stripper. But she is a wife and a mother, so shut it. Maybe, upon a half-second of reflection, this is more about hating Bruno Whoever than it is being a Kendra fan.

3. Loud noise really bothers me. Doesn't matter what the noise is. No one else thinks things are noisy the way I do. Noise makes me stabby and snappy. I am a self-awarded wonderful person, but noise, oh noise. I need quiet otherwise I begin to feel as though I am not so wonderful and that

4. Idleness is difficult for me. I read once that there are people who can sit for long periods of time and be content and not feel as though they have to move. I am not that person. I do not fit into that category. I have to move around. Sitting sucks. The less I move around, the more I get antsy physically, mentally and emotionally. You will not believe how overbooked I am for next week, which is my first week back home. I'm totally overdoing it.

5. I've ramped up the time I'm spending on Linked In and I can't help but notice that almost everyone either sounds important or they want to sound important. I don't blame them and I'm not complaining, I'm just asking myself what the problem is with being a regular person and a regular employee rather than everyone wanting to be a rock star or a ninja. Why not bill yourself as a rational person who shows up to get the job done without all the superlatives?

6. Finally, and I thank you for letting me get this off my chest and many of you will think I am insane but take a deep breath and hear the news: I do not get all this extreme cake baking and decorating. These shows are edited to build tension, but I'm thinking I have enough tension in my life that I don't want to sit on the couch and watch other people freak out. Also, a cake that is three feet tall and has many dangly, spinning bits doesn't make me want to eat cake. I love cakes both pretty and ugly as long as they're tasty, don't get me wrong. The issue isn't cake. But cakes with moving parts and tons of fondant ... that's just not tasty.

Clearly I need to get away from the television!


Anonymous said...

1. Ashley Judd: It always fascinates me that people can remember the same incidents completely differently. I have seen it happen in my own family.

2. I was glad to see Wendy Williams go. That woman got on my nerves. Last night when she said she would win a personality contest I thought to myself "Not in my universe." Good riddance.

And Kendra apparently WAS a stripper (she copped to it in the first episode). She is famous because of her sexcapades (being one of Hugh's girls). So I think she has it coming to her and I really can't fault Bruno.

3. I'm with you on the extreme baking shows. I like cake. I want to eat cake. I do not want to watch cake drama. And fondant is nasty.

A piece of news said...

I am so glad you said nasty fondant!! I had written that and then took it out and just said fondant. YUCK. Give me butter cream or whipped cream frosting any time. I even prefer unfrosted cake!

I see your point of view about Bruno, but still believe he makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth no matter what day, dancer, year or reality he's referring to.

Rambling Woods said...

You remind me of my husband and his inability to sit still....I agree on the tension level of show, sometimes I just can't take it.....I want to relax, not feel tense.. Not watching Dancing for the last couple of years.. too long for me to sit and watch it.. Hmmm...maybe I have more in common with my husband than I thought...Michelle