Sunday, May 6, 2018

Eating in Esslingen

Yesterday we ate at a restaurant in Esslingen that was fantastic. The restaurant was made up of several old businesses and buildings. There was a bakery dining room that had a huge tiled oven as big as a small room. We ate in the wine cellar that was far enough underground that my network connection was lost. I took one photo and it turned out OK. My order was for a small Maultaschen appetizer with wild garlic in cream sauce. Maultaschen are like ravioli filled with delicious German ingredients. 

For supper, I had local white asparagus. It's asparagus season here. That das topped with bearnaise sauce. It was served with two crepes and pork schnitzel. I just realized I never took a picture of any of it! I was pretty hungry and I got started right away.

The restaurant is the Einhorn (one horn) and you can see the unicorn on the wall. The stone steps lead down into this beautiful and cozy room. 

 This is the Frauenkirche in Esslingen. Although this town is near bombed-out Stuttgart, it wasn't bombed in WW2.
 The church is massive. Here are people standing in front of the locked door to give perspective  I put a video of the building on Instagram  It's impossible to photograph the entire thing 

Earlier in the afternoon, we sat in a lovely biergarten for a drink and conversation  

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