Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Full Moon Rising

Monday and Tuesday this week I had the most amazing view of our moon rising in the east in a pale blue sky through the bare brown limbs of a rounded, tall tree. I took photo after photo on my cell phone as I watched it slowly rise. It was poetic beauty; I promise you that.

I decided to take my camera to work this morning so I could get better shots. But as so often happens, the weather turned and the sky was thick with clouds all day.
Last week I made a decision about my holiday charitable giving. I do several things including something for jailed kids and Toys for Tots. This year the bulk of my spending is for senior citizens. I took five ornaments off the tree at the grocery store. They wanted things like soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, a scrapbook and lotion. One woman wanted ingredients for baking. I feel sure I wasn't generous enough now that the gifts are returned to the bin! I know money is tight, but even a $3 lip gloss for Toys for Tots will help that hard-to-fill teen gift category. You'll be glad you did it!
I like making you guys smile talking about what I talk about. I wish I had all sorts of funny anecdotes to write about, but my life isn't really full of the funny. I won't lie to you: there's no sitcom here. It's frustrating and rewarding. It's full of tears and victories. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude most days, but even on those days there is regret and disappointment, joy and friendship. I eat too many cookies and don't run far enough. I listen but I don't reach out enough. I cuddle cats and find reasons to watch more reruns than new shows. Yet it is the funny I wish I could share every day. I like being funny and I can crack up certain people effortlessly. Needless to say, I adore the people who laugh at my attempts at humor!

So that's my thing about this blog. I hope I make you smile and I know I don't always have to be funny to do that. But if I do make you laugh, feel free to mention it! I will adore all of you. I promise.


Joyce said...

Smiles chuckles, a warm feeling in the heart. Thats what you bring. And dont you forget it. guess who

UrbanIdeas said...

My dear you make more people smile than you can think. You are a truthful person and an amazing one. You touch many peoples lives whether they realize it or not!

dsmcaron said...

Wow! Thanks you guys! You say such nice things. :)

Howard Bagby said...

One of the things that I have enjoyed about blogging is meeting interesting people like you. I don't know where you discovered my blog but by finding it I have been reading yours and enjoying it a lot. Personally I look for things things to smile about. Life is a short journey and I am going to enjoy it as much as I can. People like you make the journey more pleasant.

ramblingwoods said...

It isn't just your humor Caron. It is the warmth that your posts exude. You talk about the everyday trials and tribulations without a whine and make us smile...Michelle

Anonymous said...

You never know how you can touch people until you do. I'm getting a couple of gift bags for tweens/teens here and have been rather creative about it. A lot of the things I'm putting in are things I have around the house (like the yarn I knit into a couple of fun-fur scarves and a couple of games we have never used - bought at Wal-Mart on a BOGO), but stuff they would (I hope) like. It's so difficult to buy for people you don't know, BUT it's also a fun challenge - especially when you either have to remember when you were that age (oh, ICK, I don't think I WANT to remember) or what you might be like at that age. Fun all around. I'm going to buy stuff throughout the year for as many bags as I can fill next year!

You just keep up the good work. Seeing bluejays and thinking they're wonderful (personally, I wish the one that likes to scream outside my bedroom window at 5 AM would come up your way to be in the window outside your work), writing funny things that happen (and DON'T happen), and just being you. That's more than enough work in this cold season. :o))

The Cat Wrangler

Rose said...

You surely know by now that you get a chuckle from this corner quite often!