Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ladies' Christmas tea

Today at church, there was a tea celebrating Christmas. I have not always enjoyed these in recent years as they are in early December and quickly followed my father's death one year and my sister-in-law's death the next year. But today's tea was really enjoyable. Every table is decorated by someone from church. I used to decorate a table, but I didn't get the super-d├ęcor gene, so I let others do it now. I do have beautiful dishes, though.

After the tea, I shopped at a consignment store. Well, three of them. I am looking for black jeans, but I don't really like jeans. Or slacks. I like skirts. So at one store, all the skirts were $2! I tried some on, but even at two bucks, I didn't feel it. I did pick up a really good quality cashmere sweater for $12. And speaking of skirts in the winter, why are tights so flippin' expensive? Walmart has flannel-lined jeans in their men's department and I considered driving down to try them one, but traffic was crazy stupid.

Everyone was out today shopping because it was sunny and (relatively) warm. I did wonder if the retailers were having a great day. I assume so because every parking lot was overflowing. I went home and took a walk. It was 5.5 miles long and toward the end it got reeeaaaallllllyyyy cold.

I should have worn that cashmere sweater on my walk.


Cha Cha said...

$2 jeans? What store is this, and can I meet you there?

Jealous of the cashmere. Love the thrift stores. Love. Them.

UrbanIdeas said...

Antiques and thrift stores are the best!

Rambling Woods said...

I am sorry for your losses Caron.. The tea looks lovely and who doesn't love a bargain...Michelle