Thursday, June 24, 2010

Customer Service

Yesterday I met the most lovely Irish man: Dr. Mahoney. He wore a little shamrock on his lab coat. Nice guy.

I felt stupid in the exam room down at the Osteopathic University, but my doctor, who knows I am a medical mystery wrapped in a riddle and gets tired of not knowing what to do with me, sent me to a specialty foot and ankle clinic.

Thing is, four weeks ago I developed tendonitis in my right foot. Now I'm in the exam room with a PA and a 2nd year med student whose hands were shaking, poor thing.

I have just enough of my father in me to think it is cool to have a student learning on me, so we got along just fine. I chatted about my foot in answer to all their questions about problems and shoes. One thing my student may have learned is that just because I don't have a problem right now anymore doesn't mean I don't have an issue.

I know that's the lesson I learned since I felt so sheepish about being at a special clinic and all. Everyone in the waiting room was either on oxygen or hobbling on one foot, in a wheelchair or in a cast. Clearly I was the minority.

Dr. Mahoney came in and asked me questions. He fiddled with my feet, pinching bones and moving tendons around. He looked this way and that and watched me walk. Then, as he used his fingers to explain what my bones do when I walk, the light bulb over my head went off and I said, "Exactly!"

He smiled. He's a genius.

He said the mystery is truly why I haven't had tendonitis prior to this. I had said that I always think of my feet as weak and he agreed, but thought unstable is a better word. That's why when I put my foot down I have random stabbing pain. It's why my feet ache all the time and guess what? That's actually not normal!

So I was excited. Doubly so when he revealed he is a former runner and a current walker: He was totally on my side! His prescription was simple, too. Over the counter graphite arch support.

So wow for customer service and bedside manner, in a manner of speaking.

Then I went to the big running store here to get the insoles and they were rude. Don't carry them, apparently.

I ended up at $ports Authority because it is closest to home and office. They didn't have the brand he wrote down, but they had some things that looked right. The box didn't say graphite.

A girl came up and asked if she could help. I told her what I sought. She began reading boxes. I'd done that already. Then Kent came up and asked if he could help.

I hope Kent works on commission because he earned whatever he got. He asked what shoe I currently wear and got something similar. He dug out the sole and put the whole thing together in both shoes so I could try. He got an alternative so I could compare. He got out four pair of shoes and patiently repeated the entire process.

So Kent, my hat's off to you. I'll be leaving your manager a comment this morning. Girl Whose Name Escapes Me, you were great because I was frustrated and confused and you didn't make it worse. You let Kent take over, which was a strong decision on your part. Please stop doing that to your hair with the flat iron, dear. It doesn't become you.

Otherwise, you both deserve a big, fat raise!


Anonymous said...

,medical mystery wrapped in a riddle a'..oh my gosh I may have to use this as my tagline... I LOVE this. I am glad that you got a solution to your pain Caron...amazing how something there are simple answers... Michelle

Aunt Becky said...

That's AMAZING when you actually can find a SOLUTION to what's wrong. I'm so happy for you! That's really awesome.

Rose said...

At least you know you aren't crazy...sometimes doctors make you feel that way.

Peter Von Zipper said...
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