Friday, June 25, 2010

Othello in the park

Last night I went with friends to see Othello in the park behind the art museum in town. It was a lot of fun for a Shakespeare tragedy. We didn't realize until the very end that during the play they didn't swat mosquitos, which is really saying something after all the rain we've had.

I had never seen Othello, but Cindy brought us up to speed beforehand over a glass of wine and some snacks. The photo above has two dead people, one maimed and the other gravely wounded, but I don't know if Iago ever dies. He probably should, the miserable jerk. For my part, I can't help but wonder if really Othello is the villian in the story. Anyway, it's getting toward the end of the play and the dead are beginning to stack up.

Here's hoping nothing but good stacks up for us all today. I'm glad it's Friday. At midnight last night I was still wide awake and without sleep, I don't always make sense. I'll keep this short and hope for the best. This morning I am taking another niece to the Iowa State Dairy Barn for a celebration of Dairy Month.



ramblingwoods said...

Moo to you too..we have those types of plays in the park here too. Maybe I should go to one sometime....Hope you get some sleep tonight...Michelle

EG Wow said...

What a great way to experience Shakespeare, which is the way he intended in the first place. Didn't swat mosquitoes? Amazing!

Rose said...

If Lorelei was here, she would moo right back at you.

I had a night a few days ago where I didn't go to bed till after daylight...lucky me that I don't have to work.