Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's been a long time

It's been a long time since I last posted. Those of you who know me in real life will be surprised to know why. Those of you who are fellow bloggers will also be surprised.

I got tired of talking about myself.

Everything I thought of to post was about my garden. I had some trouble with my knees, you see and not feeling tip-top made me feel sort of like I was in grave danger of whining. And then there's my! garden! as if no one else has ever gardened a day of their lives.

So I'm back with ... more about my garden.

But really it's about how good it is to be cheap frugal patient when you garden.

Last year I bought six lillies. I paid full price for them, brought them home and put them in the ground. The pet rabbits in the backyard promptly ate all the leaves. The stems and any leaves that remained slowly withered, then they turned yellow, then the entire plant went mushy and soft and really pretty gross.

But I'm cheap frugal patient, eh? I paid a lot of money for these dumb dead plants! I don't remember ever thinking they'd live, but last year I dug up all six plants and put them into my garden in little clumps. I paid, people, I paid money for these pricey things. Besides, other people can grow lillies without killing them. So there was that, too.

Jealousy, garden envy, you see?

You will never believe what happened this year.

Behold, seven lillies popped up and they look like this:

I got seven for the price of six and only had to wait a year! It's a bargain! It's like a 10-cent coupon! Heck, it's like double coupons!


Rose said...

Hey, I have missed you! I was hoping nothing was wrong!

I love the lilies...have some of my own and have a couple more that I need to plant. Laziness here....actually more of my inability to make a decision on where to plant them. But I will eventually get them planted...and then have the joy of looking forward to them next year.

Caron said...

Thank you, Rose! That's so nice of you. Sorry to worry anyone. I was lazy about getting bee balm because I didn't know where I wanted it and now the place where I wanted to buy it is all out.

I'm at work and outside my window a blue jay is going crazy while a vulture circles overhead. It makes me think she has a baby out of the nest. I hate it!

MyMaracas said...

How funny. And I read this just in time to keep me from dumping a sad looking Easter lily into the compost bin. I think I'll tuck it into the garden and see what happens.

Carver said...

The lilies are beautiful. I love that color too.

Anonymous said...

I missed you too. And really, most blogs are "talking about ourselves" in one way or another, so don't feel that that is a reason to not post. :) We like reading about you, therefore we read your blog. Or vice versa. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful Caron and I think you could post about dust bunnies and it would be a great read... Michelle

Caron said...

Oh golly, you guys make a girl feel good. I hope the Easter lily grabs hold! The colors are pretty and I had no idea I had bought a mixture, so ... surprise!

I do like reading about all of you, so Juice makes a valid point as usual!

And Michelle, you are such a dear. I could write about dust bunnies but of course you know I don't have any of those living in my house! ;)