Friday, August 27, 2010

Another photo

Here's one not taken on my cell phone. The red you see is natural. I didn't add that, it comes out at times. I just used brown. Who hearts herself? Is it me?

Even when I wear it wavy, it's a huge bushy wig o'hair.

IRL friend Pippa sent me an email to say she likes it, which is huge since she is the #1 fan of me not coloring my hair.


Sofia Reino said...

ok... colour I like, style, not! lol sorry

A piece of news said...

HEY. I didn't ask. ;)

I don't like it either. I was lazy this morning and let it go too long wrapped around and put up in a clip.

Rambling Woods said...

I think you are such a beautiful woman inside and out..I like your hair. The decision to color it is a personal one. I do color mine as I can at least control my hair color as so much of my body is going to heck in hand basket.....Michelle

Cindy said...

You are beautiful.

A piece of news said...

Gosh, I should post photos more often. Me at the dentist, me after a 3-mile run, me after an hour in Wal-mart.

But thanks. Really. I have grown used to it and I like it.

It only took the husband three hours to notice. After complaining about the grey for two solid years, you'd think he would have caught on sooner than three hours!