Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I found my Garmin and other pointless information

I found my Garmin! I haven't done anything to my hair in a long time, but Sunday night I pulled out the bin where I keep all my hair stuff I never use anymore.

I grabbed my hair dryer from the bin and I noticed the band of my Garmin! I was overjoyed. I ran with it and was happily obsessed from the first step. For my birthday, I also got a simple Timex running watch. Woo hoo!

I don't really have much of interest to say right now, but I have complained so much about my Garmin, I thought I would let you know.
For two weeks now I have had the strange sensation of water running down the back of my left leg when I got done running. I thought it was odd, but at first thought it was sweat. Then I thought it was water since I pour water down my shirt at times. But now it has happened enough that I realize it is in one spot just above the back of my knee, it isn't a running down sensation. This morning it's been constant.

My hip is inflamed from my mileage, so I need to get some ice on it. I'll do that soon. It feels better when I move around, but at night it hurts enough to keep me from being comfortable.
I have sheets and pillowcases on the line right now. Isn't that the best?
I colored my hair this morning.

I know.

My stepdaughter is getting married in a month and I thought that maybe for the photos, I could try to get rid of the gray. I used non-permanent color, so it is supposed to wash out. It better wash out. I'll be ticked if it doesn't wash out properly. My hair never takes color seriously, so it should be fine. Anyway, I did it now in order to see if it looks ok. I'll do it again if it does. I'll post a photo and all of my two faithful readers can vote.

Just kidding! I know I have more readers who don't leave comments. You can vote, too.


Ryan said...

Congratulations on finding the watch. I know it was killing you not remembering where you left it. Just another sign of your aging I suppose :-)

A piece of news said...

Ryan, your time will come!!

Rose said...

Yeah for finding the Garmin!!!! I am glad it is home now....

Rambling Woods said...

I am happy you found the GPS and oh has mine taking me to some neat places off the beaten path....

I am sorry about your injury..are you going to have that checked? I have all kind of strange feelings in my legs..but it comes with my illness.

Oh if only we could order new body parts...I would go for a totally new one....