Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let the festivities begin!

Everyone wants in on this action early, so we celebrated with cake and ice cream tonight. My birthday isn't until tomorrow. Am sure a two-day birthday is perfect for me. Am sure I got whipped cream frosting because I complain about sugary frosting so often. It was wonderful and my niece put the candles on the cake.
Do yourself a favor and don't click on the photo. I ran 3 miles this morning and then spent the afternoon in the pool with five kids. Give a girl a break. At least I put on mascara since I knew the camera was out.

I am

I used to be
At least I'm not yet

Am I not the most clever girl you've ever met? You're welcome.

I thought about taking photos of actual records that belong to me. I would have to dig for a 45 and I believe the only one I still own is a song by a band called Trio. The song is Da Da Da and the lyric I will never be able to get out of my head is Ich lieb dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht.

I have a decent collection of LPs, so I don't know which I would have chosen to represent my birthday. Probably one of the Monkees would be fun, but I just have cassette tapes.

I have a lot of 78s and would have just grabbed one at random. Maybe Louis Armstrong or Dean Martin.

That's all I have to say now. I will try to be exciting tomorrow when I turn old.


Carver said...

Happy Birthday to you ! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. I think you look great in the shot.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh darn it...I am late..but you know I wish you a the very Happiest of Birthdays ever Caron......hugs...Michelle