Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I've been missing in action

Nothing has been going on unless you count rampant laziness and unchecked inactivity.

By way of getting rolling again, it's time for photos! 

Here is she who manages my photo requests with ease and a happy attitude. We went out for sushi and wine and water on a rainy day last week after work.

Saturday night I went to a national convention of United Sixties Born of Grand Gedeh County (Liberia) in the Americas. That's a group whose Iowa president is pictured below and the woman who graciously calls me her children's mother. Oh, those Africans know how to extend family boundaries so much better than we do. They are so much better and I'm so much better off for it.

This is Liberian food, which is one way of saying, "this is spicy." Chicken, lamb and rice. I ate the spicy meat, but the rice was too hot for me mostly because it was about 11 o'clock at night when I ate this.

I didn't photograph dessert, but it was banana bread. The woman sitting next to me explained that it is rice with banana, baking soda and egg. She said it isn't regular rice, but something you find in the grocery store near Cream of Wheat. Aaron said you grind it all together. It was good and not at all sweet, which is typical. Besides candy, the boys don't really eat sweets much and complain when something is too sweet. No, they don't complain. They just don't eat it.

Except candy. Never too sweet, oddly enough.

The party officially began at 8, but that was getting business conducted with a little dancing. The majority of the crowd didn't start showing up until around 11:30. I'm sure the party lasted all night. If you want to see video, join me on Instagram at carondm95.

This is the lovely Norah, mother of my boys. As president of the Iowa chapter, the entire convention, which lasted all weekend, was arranged by her.

Speaking of my boys...Aaron is here holding up his 8-year-old cousin. I love the terrified look on his face. Mind you, they had to hold this pose while my camera loaded. This was Friday night after the Drake Relays. The older boys ran relay races and Prince got a personal best in the 4x400! 

This is Tessie. She's awfully snotty, but quite photogenic.

This is Maggie. Frightening when she's this close and full of attitude, which is most of the time.

This is the lovely St. Dymphna bracelet I won and received from Erica at http://boysbooksandballs.blogspot.com/. I wear it a lot.

On Thursday and Friday of Easter week, I went to the cathedral and spent time with the local bishop, so to speak. I love the blue and red on the ceiling of this church.

I went shopping one day last week. I look ridiculous in big, fancy glasses, but they have POLKA DOTS!!!

And then this happened because we are super exciting gals who love a photo op. Plus, she hates to be left out.

As you can tell if you noticed I am wearing two jackets, it was cold. It is cold today, too. 
Ah, Midwestern April: A haiku is in order. 

Dreary sunny sky
Bright bursts of green and yellow
Cold morning warm day

 Notice the springtime sighting of an 18-wheeler? 


Montanagirl said...

What fun! I love your Maggie. I like photographing kitties, although we don't have pets.

Erica Saint said...

Looks like you have been busy.
I am glad that you like the bracelet! :)
We have a big old cat. He drives me crazy, but I love him.

Naquillity said...

your so delightful Caron... you wear polka dots well... your friend Norah is beautiful. i love that dress she has on. and the church looks really nice. i'll bet you love your bracelet. your cats are precious. hope all is well. have a great day~

Rambling Woods said...

My best friend's daughter and her boyfriend are residents in Atlanta. They have been together for several years now and he is from Nigeria. I am not invited for dinner as they know my intolerance for spices.... I am a whimp

Rose said...

I don't know where to start...love the polkadot glasses...glad you like your bracelet.

The picture of Maggie could almost be a photo of Bubbie...but she does not look like she has quite the attitude. Maybe I just don't know her.

Norah does not look old enough to be the mother of your boys!