Saturday, May 3, 2014

Circle of life: Henry and the party-hat birds

I have been storing up cat hair for a month and putting a little bit at a time out on the shrub by the deck. This morning I noticed there were four gray and brown birds with black party hats (black-capped chickadees?) swarming the shrub and I watched them pulling the fur off the shrub and flying off with it in their beaks. Then they returned. 

I was so excited! 

I put more out and left to get some NyQuil (I have strep throat or some such nonsense) and when I came back, the second batch was gone!

I was so excited!

I put out more hair on the shrub and some on one of the pine trees in the back of the yard.

This is Henry, who pulls out his fur and has contributed 90% of the fur the birds are using.

I just saw another bird with a bunch of white fur in his beak. I can't get there to take a photo without scaring the birds. !!!!!


Rambling Woods said...

Oh yes... Could be house sparrows with gray.... Party hats might be the dees

Montanagirl said...

Henry looks pretty unconcerned with the whole deal - LOL!!

Rose said...

I never thought about putting out the cat fur for the birds...I could supply enough for the whole nest. almost.