Sunday, May 4, 2014

Answer me this on Sunday

I made a deal with the universe. I woke up on Friday with what Jane Austen may have delicately described as a putrid sore throat and I took myself straight to the doctor's office. After waiting 90 minutes, I went in and she said for sure it was a bacterial infection and so I worked from home.

Then yesterday, after a little running around with one of the teenagers, I came home and stayed home. I watched old movies and episodes of Mad About You and interviews with Johnny Carson. So I did my part and stayed home with no exercising or shopping or housekeeping and the universe was supposed to let me off the leash today.

But I woke up with a cough and my headache is lingering and my appetite is gone and I'm not happy when the universe doesn't play along as I have directed it.

Here is another edition of Answer Me This from Kendra's blog and since the brain is a bit fogged, it's a great way to amuse myself without having to be too intelligent.

1. Are you becoming your mother?
I think she might agree when I say I'm a bit more like my grandmother. But my mom and I crack each other up and I think that's because we're on the same wavelength, so that's excellent stuff right there.

2. Coffee or Tea?
Coffee. I drink tons of it and I drink it black and mild. I like tea, but don't drink as much. I will drink tea with or without sugar, but I like it strong. Black tea is fine, but I prefer English or Irish Breakfast and I like Scottish tea as well. I use one teabag per cup and let it steep for a long time. Then I drink it with the teabag in the cup for extra toughness.

3. What foreign country would you like to visit?
I'd like to go to Ireland and Italy. I think Hungary would be nice as well.

4. Do you cry easily?
No, not really. When tears pop up at a bad time, I have a technique for stopping them.

5. Do you often wear heels?
Not since I trained for a marathon. That was in 2008. I will wear wedge heels and very small heels once in a while, but my days of high heels are over and my feet are happier for it.

6. Do you play an instrument?
No. I tried the flute, fiddled with a guitar now and then and wanted to learn the piano, but the cold, hard truth is that I just don't have the talent. I knew my notes and mostly learned to read easy music between school chorus sight reading and church, but reading music and moving my fingers and breathing all at once is more of a challenge than I'm up to.

Wrapping up, the birds are rapidly stripping cat fur from the shrub and I'm running out of cat fur. I saved it for a month and had a lot of it, but they really seem to love the magic cat fur tree for trimming their nests.

Birds need me? Craaazy!


Montanagirl said...

You crack me up - loved this post!!

Erica Saint said...

Hungary would be nice! My grandfather was the son of Hungarian immigrants. He grew up speaking Hungarian on the family farm, but it didn't last once he let the farm and joined the Navy.

Naquillity said...

hope you're feeling better soon. i'd like to think i've not become my mother but am happy to say my daughter and i are much on the same page most days... coffee & tea are both good. but my coffee has to be fixed with vanilla latte powder creamer. tea has to be sweet tea. since i haven't been outside of the US i'd love to see Africa and photograph their wildlife. i'd also like to see some other places but Africa is at the top of that list. so glad the birds are finding ways to make good use of the cat fur you leave behind. have a great day~

Rambling Woods said...

I hope you are feeling better.... I hear my mom coming out of my mouth at times

Rose said...

The sore throat and world not cooperating is just not right...