Sunday, January 17, 2010

At the Art Center

I am at the Art Center listening to good music (right now Ella F.) and waiting for Alfred Hitchcock's movie to start. Today is Shadow of a Doubt from 1943 ('41?). Yesterday was girls' day out with a trip to Dorothea's Closet. This is a vintage clothing store with a web site that will show you the type of clothing she has. I assume she sells a lot online or to places that need originals...I am guessing. Anyway, some of it is phenomenal. If I weren't at the theater I would make a link. You can Google it.

Anyway after that we went to the High Life Lounge where they don't serve beer produced after the 1970s. We had a cheeseburger with tator tots and I took a photo, but again...sitting in the theater.

The movie starts soon. Google the clothes and pop some popcorn.

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Rambling Woods said...

Nothing like a hamburger and tater tots..Do the still make them? I will go google now...Michelle