Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nature Notes and Signs of the Seasons

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Ice storm

I guess I don't need to explain how an ice storm forms! It came out of the four corners region and rained even though the temperature was below 32 degrees.

Hoar Frost

We have had a great deal of freezing fog this week due to the warm weather melting so much snow. That created fog, which is basically a cloud close to the groun and then the temperatures dropped the fog froze on everything. Water vapor in the fog turns into ice crystals that form on the surface of things inside the cloud. This occurs when the air near the surface has dew points below zero.

The result is hoar frost and it is beautiful. It happened on Monday and Tuesday this week. On Tuesday, it lasted into the afternoon and outside my office window I watched as trees lost the hoar frost all at once and in a 'poof' the frost fell off and then rose briefly in the air before sliding off as a


Stine in Ontario said...

Hoar frost s so beautiful the way it forms on plants to look like jewels. LOVE the icicles on the porch! Just be careful not to slip n any ice!

Quilt Works said...

hello from Nature notes! Love those icecle on the porch! Like decorations!

...Ride in a classic car!

eileeninmd said...

Love the frotsy trees they are so pretty, the icicles look great too. They are like a decoration around your deck.

UrbanIdeas said...

As much as I hate them, they certainly create amazing views. The porch does look indeed as if decorated!

Carver said...

Ice storms are so beautiful although destructive too. Wonderful shots. You captured the beauty so well.

We are almost more likely to get ice storms than snow where I live in NC and the big problem is sometimes we get power outages from them. I hope you aren't dealing with that.

Rose said...

I love taking pictures at times like this...your are so pretty.

Rambling Woods said...

I didn't know that term at all. Neat! I hope you didn't have too much damage as that ice can really cause problems with the trees and power lines..but so beautiful...Michelle

MyMaracas said...

Beautiful! I love the way the icicles on the railings are spaced so evenly, as if hung there as Christmas decorations.

Hoar frost, eh? That must be what happened here too this week. Thanks for the information!

A piece of news said...

I thought the exact same thing about the deck - that it looked like tinself or garland or fringe. I like the balance of it, too. The trees looked like someone had gone wild with a can of flocking.

I was a little surprised no one said that.

Although destructive, our neighborhood didn't lose any trees or power, but many people did and even today I believe there are still about 1,000 in the state without power.