Friday, January 1, 2010

The first day of the year

I have been doing not much today and I have been doing it well and proper. I got up and went on a Resolution Run, which wasn't a 5k, but today that was abso-fabso-lootly OK with me. It was 6 degrees when we started off the run and it was probably at least 6.3 degrees at the finish line. And then you know what happens?

Your body temperature drops. At least mine does. I have this problem at the end of practically every event. Today was no exception. I ran the best afterward as I ran to get into the car. I had to run about 1/4 mile back to the parking lot and it didn't warm me up. But I'm glad I did today's run. I'm always glad. I didn't run the entire thing, I walked some. I couldn't believe what that sort of cold does to the body and the lungs. My hips and ankles felt like they were frozen.

I had plans to take the boys sledding this weekend, but it really is too cold to be safe with someone else's children. This snow isn't going anywhere any time soon, so we will go sledding on a warmer day. This weekend the temperatures are supposed to be even colder. Yes, even colder than today's high of 12. To add insult to injury, it snowed this morning.

I have been in bed since I got home. Surrounded by sleeping cats that can't figure out why we're home out of order...again...but grateful for the attention. I've been reading around the Interworld and here's what I have found as a common thread both on all the blogs I read and Facebook: 2009 sucked for most people. Even for the people who won't come right out and say it sucked sort of admit that it sucked. I learned this, I got that, there were such highs I should be grateful. Yep. We should be grateful, but 2009 sounds like it has been dismissed far and wide as being a bad excuse for a way to pass time.

I have the idea (I stole it from Badass Geek and I would link to him if I weren't so amazingly lazy) of making resolutions (I normally do not) that I forget about and only review in 364 days or so. I didn't get the idea that he forgot about the list on purpose. I think that is my idea. So here's 2010:

Oh wait. Can I just tell you that my little list of goals for the holidays fell by the wayside about 20 seconds after I posted it? OK, here we go:

1. I will keep up with the nail polish on my toes throughout the winter and not just in the summer.

2. I will train for a half marathon with the intention of running 95% of it without dying on the course.

3. I will continue to be patient and well-behaved about hair cuts until my hair is at least between my shoulder blades. I will begin to look like Valerie Bertinelli in 2010. I'm just sure of it. I have wanted to look like her since 1977.

4. I will complain about cat vomit 20% less than the current level of complaining.

5. I will visit my relatives more this year than last year (honestly, that shouldn't be difficult. I was wicked lazy about that in 2009.)

6. I am going to try to control my dreams more than I already do. I have dreams in which I am aware, but I haven't been able to completely control a dream. I want to do that.

7. I will watch more episodes of Doctor Who.

8. I will not use The Golden Girls as a reason to stay up past my bedtime.

Here's another idea I have gotten from Noodleroux, who is very amusing and you should read her if you don't. Oh, and here's a disclaimer. I don't go into politics or religion on the blog or on Facebook. It's a rule I have. Believe me, there were many, many, many things about 2009 I didn't like one flippin' bit.

Things that I didn't like about 2009:

Skinny jeans for women. Unless you are the skinniest person on the planet or under the age of 19, please do not wear these. Remember the rule that if you wore it the first time around, you probably shouldn't wear it the second time around.

Skinny jeans for men. I can't even speak.

The Bachelor(ette). Do people watch this? Do people actually appear on these shows while their parents (or heaven forbid their GRANDPARENTS) are still alive?

Commercials that make us listen to people eat. There are several. The yogurt commercial in which the blonde girl slurps down the yogurt. I don't like that commercial for several reasons. The recent Kit Kat commercial is the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. There was a commercial earlier this year in which we had to listen to a guy chow into a hamburger. Currently the $2.99 value meal commercial has them slurping on their drinks. All of this makes me 1. mute the tv; 2. turn the volume all the way down; or 3. change the channel.

That's it for now, my head hurts. Maybe in 2010 I should keep a running list of things so I can be a little more 'year-in-review' and all that and maybe even I could choose a Person of the Year like Time Magazine, which continually chooses the wrong people.

I could make a list of things I liked about 2009, but some of you already know I have a thing for that Baskin Robbins commercial where the figures on the cakes bounce up and down and sing "Ice cream and cake, ice cream and cake." That commercial rocks. Another one that makes me laugh is the GEICO commercial with the Waltons saying good night.

Tell me about your commercials - what do you love? What makes you laugh? What do you hate?


UrbanIdeas said...

wow, I cannot believe you actually run with these frigid temps. Good for you!

I must admit I DO love the progressive ads. They are silly but cute!

Rose said...

You make me laugh! I use #8 quite often...I never dreamed anyone else did.

Lorelei came into our life last year, so 2009 was a winner for us...but I will admit some hard times were involved also. But she outshone them all!

MyMaracas said...

OK, number one, I cannot believe you actually went out for a run in that weather. The only running I want to do when it's 6 degrees out is between the fireplace and the kitchen to fill up on hot cocoa.

That's quite a varied list of resolutions you have there. It's interesting that you are into lucid dreaming - me too. I've never controlled a whole dream either, but I've had some fascinating experiences that way.

I steer clear of politics and religion too. I know of no faster way to attract trolls than to express an actual opinion. Sad, isn't it.

As for commercials, I am extremely annoyed by any commercial where a boomer-age adult stands silently behind their supposed daughter and grins like an idiot while the younger person explains why the product is so wonderful for Mom. I want to see Mom smack that kid upside the head.

On the other hand, I am a sucker for monkeys. I loved the ads where chimps in suits were running amok in the office, though I don't recall what they were selling.

And I think this is the longest comment I have ever written.

Stine in Ontario said...

This post made e giggle. :)

You are not lazy! I'm lazy:
You run...I walk.
You made resolutions...I'm still thinking about making them.

All the best in 2010!

Rambling Woods said...

LOL....2009 had some really high points and some really lows one. I prefer the middle...I hate the commercials where people yell that they are having a sale...and the ones for minor ailments and pretty much all of them.......Michelle

A piece of news said...

You guys make me smile! The monkeys running amok: I think that was Careerbuilder.