Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another day of working out

I am oddly excited by my effort to do something active every single day until the week prior to the marathon. Last night I swam for 55 minutes. Tonight I am going for a walk, not a power walk, just a walk with a girlfriend and then on Friday I will take a brief bike ride before spending some time with Natasha - long overdue time, I should add. My bad.

The weather this week has been fantastic. Last week we had very cool weather and it brought down everyone's moods. Last night Bryan babysat Oren and Kena, the grandkids. They're pretty cute kids. Oren brought his trucks and spent the entire evening under the deck doing "construction work" so Bryan brought out his really old (they're metal, not plastic) Tonka trucks and a JD tractor. That was a big hit.

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