Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here I am to blog

Here I am to blog with nothing to say or add to the general noise of the universe that we all get to listen to. It's nice to be still every now and then. That's what I get when I go swimming: nothing. I never expected to enjoy swimming as much as I have recently experienced and the only thing I truly love about it is that I am attached to nothing, listening to nothing, no one can reach me, I can't do anything about anything, I can't change anything, I can't make anything happen or expect to be or say or do and no one else's expectations amount to much since I am in a swimming pool.

No life business gets conducted in the pool. I like that and I suspect most women I know do, since I've heard that same thing from women who go to tanning salons, for instance. It's just for a short break, though. I sort of enjoy the constant hum in my head. I don't seem to have a "nothing" box that I can crawl into. My brain's chatter box got switched on at birth and I've been talking to myself ever since.

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