Friday, September 12, 2008

Cy-Hawk, right conference, wrong school

Today is the day all over Iowa when most workplaces have casual day and people are wearing either red for Iowa State or black/gold for Iowa. I normally wear purple today since non-Iowa folk don't get to strut their school stuff at work. Last year, Julie and I went to The Library down by Drake University and she wore her red Iowa State jacket and I wore my K-State jacket and everybody looked at me funny. I thought, "Hey, you're the one going to Drake."

Anyway, I wore a red t-shirt with my jeans today. Among my co-workers this is the equivalent of my standing in the middle of the office screaming, "LOOK AT ME!" since of course everyone knows I went to K-State. But yesterday someone asked me if I was for Iowa and I almost choked on it. Seriously? Cross conference? How could I not cheer on a Big 12 school, first question. Second question, why would I cheer on a Big 10 school that is a clone (no pun intended) of the University of Kansas, the demon rival of my own Alma Mater? Puh-leeze!

We'll see what my friend Pippa has to say since red is also the color of her Georgia (Packers) Bulldogs. Go Cyclones! It's all fun today!


Natasha said...

Packers???!!! PULLEEZZZ!!!! GEORGIA DAWGS ALL THE WAY BABY! I am glad you are wearing red for the dawgs. . .at least that is what I am going with here. Just to clear my name here, after a few years of working with you, I was shocked to not see you with your K State sweatshirt on. I mean I come to work in my GA stuff. . .I expect you to be an oddball with me and not be in red/gold or black/yellow (are those the colors?).
I still love you Caron.

Caron said...

I would never wear black/gold. I wore my KSU pin all day, at any rate. :)

I still love you, Pippa.