Thursday, October 2, 2008


I have been reading about preparing for the final weeks prior to a marathon and I found out that I'm normal! This will come as a surprise to some friends and family members, I'm sure. But the idea is that whatever you are feeling is OK and normal. Me? I've been manic for four days. Super good mood.

This period of weeks prior to the marathon is for tapering down from the training I've been doing and everything is new to me. The mood, the food, the sleeping. I would never have thought I would be affected beyond some excitement. Anyway, this is a neat adventure. I haven't ever set a physical/athletic goal for myself before and I have really enjoyed this so far.

Aubree did come over on Tuesday night, but she was really tired and subdued. She took a bath, we colored some hearts with crayons at the kitchen table and then she got into bed and made a box out of all my pillows - the laid them out in a square, that is - and she and her little stuffed animal got into the center of all the pillows. She propped herself up like the Queen of Sheba and watched television.

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