Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why not walk?

Someone asked why I don't walk the 5-mile race on Thanksgiving and that's a good question. I undoubtedly would do that except that there is no indication on the web site that walkers are welcome on the 5-mile course.

In fact, all of the almost 5,000 runners appear to have times at or below no more than 22 minutes. That makes me think that no one walks the 5-mile course. I can walk a mile in 15 minutes, sure. But 5X15=75 minutes. Even the slowest of the walkers, if they're fit, can walk 1 mile in 22 minutes. Shoot, the name of the game on Thanksgiving is getting out of the house and having fun, so why miss out on the fun & frivolity of the after-race activities? I can always walk 5 miles later that day or over the weekend!

What is really interesting to me is how disappointed I am that I can't run 5 miles ... yet? Where in the world did that attitude come from when I have said for years I would never run unless there were hungry and angry wild animals behind me. Or a relative with celery.

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