Friday, July 31, 2009

Arrived in Waterloo

Here I am in Waterloo. I got up the nerve to go.

Got here early enough that there were very few people, but we weren't completely alone. Just checked everything out, listened to music and saw the caber toss and weight toss, which went up to 13 feet. They let some men from the audience throw an empty keg over the bar and I could just see these inexperienced guys, nervous in front of so many people (the place was packed by then) letting go too soon and smashing an empty keg into some old guy sitting in a lawn chair minding his own business.

Ate mashed potatoes and parsnips and OK, I ate soda bread with raisins and caraway seeds. I love my own soda bread without the extras but this stuff was so good I finished it up -snarfed, inhaled, hoovered-, added butter and picked up the crumbs even though I was uncomfortably full.

I saw a woman with a fanny pack looking like she was, ah...sleepy and smoking a cigarette. She had a bunch of other stuff hanging off of her as well, but I was inside a building, so I couldn't get a photo. I will be looking for her all weekend so I can send a photo to the blog Fanny Pack Antics! I had my camera all night, but didn't see anything else worth shooting. All those people! I did have the brainstorm of making a site called Barely Contained in which we see photos of people coming out of their clothing. There was a woman...well, it would just be rude to describe what I saw. Tempting, but rude. Only a photo would be worth your time.

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Natasha said...

You're too sweet to spare us the description. Glad you had fun.