Thursday, July 23, 2009

The long password saga

Right after the marathon almost an entire year ago, I wrote out a post about the details of the marathon and what it was like. When I clicked on the button to publish the post, Blogger ate the post. While I could have/should have saved the entire text before trusting such a long post to technology goblins, I didn't and the post was lost. Yes, even with the autosave feature, which wasn't working properly and THAT should have been my first clue there was something amiss.

In the past two months I have had a couple (a few?) people surprise me by saying they wished I would post something on my blog. I'm always a bit bewildered because I think no one bothers to read this, but I decided to log in and forgive Blogger for being so mean to me last year.

I couldn't log in. I googled "How many passwords does the average person have" and the answer on WikiAnswers was 80+. I would like to suggest that an enterprising technology psychology graduate student do research on this because my informal research (my own number of passwords because I'm an average person) tells me this is a ridiculous statement. Maybe I should have 80 passwords, but I don't and neither do you most likely.

Anyway, I tried and tried, but I had forgotten my password. I'm sure you can relate. Blogger identified me by my gmail account, but when I indicated a lost password, it sent the password reset link to an old, inactive and impossible-to-reach email. So today, feeling fortified by an incredibly yummy lunch, I tried once more. I entered every single password I can remember ever creating for any account and nothing worked.

Finally, in a moment of utter disgust with my supposed creativity, I thought of one more possible password and to my amazement, it worked. I had tried so much by then that when the screen began to change, I stared at my computer with my mouth hanging open like an idiot.

A lot has happened since the marathon last year. To go through all of it would be mind numbing to write, let alone read. But the past nine months have proved once and for all that no matter what is important today, something else will come along tomorrow and so it goes until a year has passed and everything falls into perspective.

Let's let my never-ending quest for self absorption begin once again.

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Cindy said...

I am so glad you are blogging again! You crack me up!