Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here's a wee collection of what it's like to be me lately

I’m not sure why it is necessary for the grocery store to play Led Zeppelin.

I once stood in front of a teenaged grocery store cashier named Steve Miller during a Steve Miller song over the speaker at the store. I pointed it out. He said it had happened before.

Some parents are brutal with the names, I know. But I doubt his expected “Steve Miller” to be the cause of a deep teenaged sigh and well-executed private eye roll on his first job.

I passed a woman in the cleaning & laundry products aisle and as we passed, I glanced down at her feet and thought, “Wow, those are ugly shoes.”

I was at a fancy department store on Saturday and the woman asked if I liked the dresses I tried on. I pointed out that the zipper was poorly sewn into the chiffon causing the fabric to pucker at the tailbone, which made it look as though you have a tail or you are shoplifting in your … um … well, that you had hidden something … and … well, you hadn’t hidden it very well.

I had FOUR chiffon dresses from the same label and they all did that. Annoying.

Blogger Aunt Becky asked about songs we don’t like and as hard as I could, I thought of songs I don’t like and the only one I could come up with is “Good Morning Starshine” even though I know there are songs that make me change the radio station without fail. I still can’t think of any except that dumb one about how she’s drunk and alone and she needs this guy who also starts singing and the whole thing makes me roll my eyes and she’s Lady something, which is a dead giveaway that I wasn’t going to like anything she sings anyway.

Now of course, despite having a dumb name, they will release another song and I will have to eat my words. I’ll let you know, but please can we be done with the current song?

I was the victim of an evil experiment with songs on the radio. There are two songs that make me cry. No, I’m not talking about just a sad song, or a melancholy feeling or a touching memory. I am confessing to real-deal tears and the whole ugly cry and everything. These aren’t new songs, so why do they keep popping up? But both have been on the radio lately and so this time, I sat in my car and listened to the oldest one.

I sat there in the parking lot at PetsMart listening to the song and I thought, “Well, how about that? I guess this song is good to go now.”

And then I started to cry. Doesn’t that just blow your hat in the creek?

I turned it off and went to buy cat food.

On the other hand, lest you think my life is full of thinking rude thoughts and songs, on Sunday night my grandson Oren was on my bed across the foot. He was petting the only cat that doesn't run in high terror from his little petting hands. It was a nice quiet moment. The cat was purring, Oren was smiling and proud of himself. He opened his mouth to speak and rolled right off the end of the bed.

We both laughed so hard we could barely breathe. It was awesome.

Have a nice day!


Sofia Reino said...

gosh... if I did not know you better I would wonder if you are ADD or under some strong meds!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a wonderfully entertaining post, thanks

A piece of news said...

Sofia, I know...I get that.

CGP, thanks. It does strike me that in the vein of my own post, you may be slightttttly sarcastic in your praise. But I hope you were entertained. :)

Rambling Woods said...

You just have to guts to post the conservation that goes on in our heads...I can't..too much bad language.. LOL....

Greenearth said...

Enjoyed your inner dialogue, different pieces of music set my thoughts off on different tracks too.

A piece of news said...

Michelle, Too much bad language! tee hee

Greenearth, Songs drive me crazy because it seems every emotion I have ever had is connected to a song.

Ryan said...

another blog posts about clothes... you have become the fashion police

Anonymous said...

Totally entertaining. You MUST tell which songs give you the ugly cry. And if one of them is butterfly kisses I will totally mock you.

A piece of news said...

YOU WILL MOCK ME!!! I love that.

Rose said...

the question is have you ever laughed so hard you fell off the bed...I have. Long, long ago.