Monday, April 19, 2010

Keeping me humble since 1976

When I was a little girl, I had smooth and wavy blonde hair. And then puberty hit and all of a sudden my hair went kinky. The kinks have worked out and left a spiral sort of curl behind.

Anyone who has frizzy curly hair will know that it takes a long time to adjust. I do finally like my hair just fine and sort of make the best of it every day...or put up with the worst of it. (I have recently seen photos of my hair from behind and ... wow ...)

I put this photo up on Facebook as my profile photo last week. It was a hit with a few people generating some nice comments either about looking smashing or how long my hair has gotten. Then about a day later, I got a comment about my grey hair:

Nice, huh? I don't really mind, but I thought it was sort of funny when a couple days later I was talking to a friend who gets her hair colored regularly. She is always encouraging me to color my hair and set the world to right again.

I always remind her that 1. I'm awfully lazy about coloring it and 2. at the current length and porosity it will require at least two boxes to get the color through from root to end.

Then she surprised me and said that I have more courage than she does. She isn't ready to go grey. That made me feel better, you see? I always thought she was just trying to tell me I look like heck.

Now I know she thinks I look like heck AND she thinks I'm courageous!

But then I was at Target a couple days later and the universe itself got involved. I minded my own business and bought zero haircare products, but no matter! The machine spit out this coupon:


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I color my hair, BUT part of that's because mine isn't grey, it's angel-hair, tinsely WHITE. Not a good look with the dark brown my "natural" color is (although it's getting much more white than brown). I just can't quite go grey (or, in my case white) yet.

And, unlike your coupon (although that is rather funny), the stuff I use is NOT tested on animals or owned by some stupid company that still insists on doing such a stupid, wasteful thing. Don't get me started on that.

The Crazy Cat Lady from KC...

Anonymous said...

I think your hair looks beautiful - that is a great pic!

I bet you'll be one of those stunning ladies with gorgeous silver hair. I'm always impressed with them. Stick to your guns sister. Coloring hair is messy, expensive and time consuming (she speaks from experience!).

Caron said...

I'm sticking to my guns - so far, so good. The grey has come a long way over the last two years.

Rose said...

I think your hair looks wonderful...if I had hair like that I would not worry about coloring it.

My hair is this awful is brown, but goes sort of blond with summer sun...and it just looks horrible as it turns. I would be fine if it would just all go white...but hate the process of getting there.

Cha Cha said...

OMG - you are stunning!

I pretend my greys are blond highlights. Free blond highlights. Because I am lazy and cheap. And, to be perfectly honest, I don't really see grey in your photo.

Caron said...

Wow thanks! I don't see all that much grey in the photo either, but it is there. What he may have seen (yes, a MAN pointed it out!) is my streak (from my grandma) that is broken up by my side part. Two years ago and even last year it looked like sparkly highlights, so I know what you mean. It is really pretty, Cha Cha, because the lights catches it. Keep it up!

Caron said...

Rose, the process stinks! But white is also very pretty. My hair used to cycle colors like that and I really hated it. I had brown, red and blonde and it looked a mess. Very little red, enough to be tri-color.

Anonymous said...

Your hair is beautiful and goes well with your pretty there..

Shane Vander Hart said...

Embrace the gray hair... I've got more than my Dad and I'm 38 :)