Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hot summer afternoon followed by hot, sticky sunset

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Summer seems to be winding down in some areas. I read Carver's blog and I'm amazed that she is seeing signs of autumn. Not around here or at least not so I have noticed. I'm outside all day and I watch my garden and yard. But I see hot, humid summer everywhere. Last winter we had so much snow (maybe you remember me whining speaking of it?)

This photo was taken on a farm near Del Rapids, South Dakota on a hot Midwestern afternoon. I like how this photo could very easily say 'pleasant, breezy, sleepy afternoon.'

Below is the same farm at sunset, same day. Do you know what happened when the sun went down? The temperature didn't go down, the mosquitos came out. It's been a hot and wet summer. Now the Old Farmer's Almanac says the plains and upper Midwest will have a snowier than normal winter. More moisture. Excellent.

Regardless of the truth of that day, I like how this photo looks like the peaceful and cool, breezy ending to a day.
If you have never visited the Midwest, please do. Put it on your list. It's a wonderful, wacky place to see.


Rose said...

It has actually been just a wee bit cooler here in West Central Indiana ...actually cool of the morn...are you jealous yet????

I guess I better hush before I jinx our luck.

Ryan said...

I guess the big question is, what does all the moisture do to your hair?

Caron said...

Rose, I've been jealous all year!
Ryan, you ask because you already know what it does to my hair! White girl afro is what it does to my hair. :)

EG Wow said...

It has been a hot summer here in Ontario but the shortening nights seem to be bringing autumn on in spite of the high temperatures.

I like those shots of the barns.

Carver said...

I love these shots of the farm. They are very beautiful. We had a very short break in heat but now it's back to hot and humid here. The signs of Autumn are surprising in a way. My dogwood is starting to change colors and has a lot of orange in it now. However, the high today was in the 90s F so it's not like summer is over. It will be even hotter tomorrow but then will start cooling off again for at least two or three days. I'll take any cool I can get at this point.

Leora said...

I never think of North Dakota as the Midwest...seems like the Wild West to me! Beautiful photos. Yes, today felt awfully hot here. What was that about fall coming?

Rambling Woods said...

Beautiful photos Caron...I am not liking the heat and humidity but remind me of that when we are buried under snow...hopefully a mild winter? I should look at the almanac and see what they say for our area... hugs.. Michelle

Caron said...

I actually have quite a bit of feral experience. We have a humane trap (it's really my friend Julie's) and aren't afraid to use it. We have other facilities as well. Oh and we have several vets who hate seeing us walk in the door. ;)