Monday, September 20, 2010

Lost: One week in time

Last week is a blur. It started with food poisoning and missing two days of work. It ended with me running zero miles. In between there was a lot of work at work, a wedding rehearsal, a big party, a wedding, a reception and a little brunch the following morning. I had the grandkids overnight, too. So I let them sleep in on Sunday morning and we all still got to the brunch on time. So many details about the wedding and the kids and the reception - it went well, we all had fun, everything was wonderful, the rain on the wedding day was biblical from morning to the end of the evening at 11:00 pm. I'll put up more photos if/when I get them.

Me and my niece. She's such a sweetie.

I brought a bag of toys knowing nothing would hold interest for a long time. Everything was played with more than once and all the snacks were eaten. It was a good idea.
The bride with her cousin.
Me and my grandkids.


Rambling Woods said...

You look beautiful and that is a wonderful color on you...Wise to bring things for the kids to play with... I am so sorry that you were sick..I hate stomach stuff...icky and yucky....hugs...Michelle

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I'm sure you've mentioned this and I've forgotten, but how does someone as young as you have grandkids??

Caron said...

Thanks, Michelle!

Juice, I married someone 8 years older, that's how! His youngest is 24 and she's the one who got married.

Rose said...

Love that picture of you and your grandkids...the boy looks like a little gentleman and the girl has an expression like a little imp! You look very, very nice...