Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twelve for Tuesday: a dozen pointless thoughts

1. I saw a co-worker shake, shake, shaking salt onto her frozen dinner from a box today. I almost gagged. She’ll be dead before she’s 25, but so well preserved, we can prop her up in a lifelike position at her computer and divide up her paycheck for a year.

2. I’ve been listening to spa music on iTunes. I launched iTunes and have not allowed myself to listen to the stupid Ting Tings song. It’s calling my name, though. (edit: I gave in and listened to it)

3. There were men and bright lights and welding in my driveway when I got home last night around 8:00 pm. The welder is attached directly to the fuse box. The door of the fuse box is off and covered with a huge sheet of cardboard. The stove is disconnected. I dare not run the sweeper as if that was gonna happen and there was equipment and debris everywhere. They continued welding until 10:30 pm. Knowing better than to involve myself in something like this, I went to bed and fell asleep without feeling any need to play hostess. The camper is still not completely fixed, so they will all show up for the party again tonight. They are none of them beer-drinking men apparently. My stash of Harp was untouched. Of course, the fact that I put it in a vegetable bin may account for this.

4. Speaking of vegetables, I need to know how to divide rhubarb because have you seen my rhubarb plant? I have room now for it some of it to live elsewhere in my garden.

5. I also have decided to buy some pumpkins for the front porch because a neighbor has done that and I am jealous. I always think of it as a huge waste of money and pumpkins. I would rather stir delicious pumpkin into a glass of orange/banana/pineapple juice and sip through a straw. don’t judge! But this year I am feeling festive...until it comes time for me to actually pay for it implement my plan...we’ll see.

6. A gaggle of co-workers has signed up for the 5K event in conjunction with the Des Moines Marathon next month. I think this is great! I’m beginning to feel a little left out of the camaraderie, but wouldn’t go from my half to their 5K for all the tea in China. I hope they will be there cheering me on at the beginning since we start only 30 minutes earlier.

7. Here is perhaps the biggest reason why I love the Des Moines Marathon: “The IMT Des Moines Marathon course is open for 7 hours. This allows for a 16 minute per mile pace for the Marathon. Race day services such as course marshals, aid stations, bike support and entertainment have been asked to prepare for a 7 hour day. They have been asked to provide as much support for the last walker as the first elite runner that passes by on the course.” (emphasis is mine) “The IMT Des Moines Marathon will not pack up and leave you. Members of the Mercy Medical Center first aid stations and sag wagons along with the Bike Iowa support team will remain on the course until every athlete crosses the finish line, receives a finisher medal, official time and post race nourishment.”

That’s for the full marathon – all 26.2 miles. That makes this race accessible for almost anyone and I think that’s really fantastic. [swelling with pride] None of this can be said for the local running group…

8. Rhubarb division is not always successful, but dividing hostas is and I have a boatload of hostas that need to be divided. If you are interested in adopting hosta offspring early next year, please let me know. Well, technically we can do it now if you want.

9. I lead a study group for people who want to learn Irish which is surely the most difficult language on the planet after Chinese and it’s loads of fun. Tonight we are learning how to greet people and we’re making flash cards. Just saying hello involves 14 phrases and that doesn’t include things like ‘I will see you later,’ ‘Take it easy’ and other casual phrases you might like to use.

10. I have Christmas shopping well in hand. That’s what I always think and then sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. But I think I am doing well this year for reelz. I will send Christmas cards this year and that requires some time in October or November so it is done and over with and ready for mailing.

11. I love chutney.

12. I have a hankerin’ to go overboard and sign up for the five races I found this morning for the rest of the year. There’s a chocolate race on Halloween, a Jingle Jog, an off-road race, a race at the state fairgrounds and of course the one on January 1 at o’dark thirty in the morning at 17 degrees. Dumb, but fun. The coffee was freezing, it was so ridiculously cold that morning. It’s the sort of thing that was just a wafer-thin, tiny little slice of heaven at the time, but in looking back it was a lot of fun and you just can’t wait to do it again. I think I’ll sign up for that one for sure.


Rambling Woods said...

I took our pumpkin and put it in the yard...the squirrels and birds took the seeds....it was fun to watch... What are the 'Ting-Tings'? I can divide hostas and I love to because it makes me feel like a real gardener...which I am not.... hugs..Michelle

Cindy said...

I would love more hostas! Think of me next spring.

Anonymous said...

You had me at "for reelz".