Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Kentucky Coffee Tree

Every time I go out for a run I get whiny. I hope it's just because it's cold outside. I thought about running some trails at the arboretum that's really close to my mom's house, so I drove over and ended up walking. I took my camera the first time and used that as my excuse for walking instead of running. I've been there a couple times now, so I thought I'd show you some photos. Here is a tree they have growing there.

The Kentucky Coffee Tree: I hope to remember to go back when I'm in town later this year for follow-up photos. Although the sign says the tree is rare, the Ohio DNR says the tree is widely present in western Ohio where the soils are more akaline. I've added the link below because there's good information on the DNR site.

Here's the tree sans leaves, but you can see the pods hanging on. I think that means this tree is a girl!

Here's a close up of the pods. I caught some nice photos even though I had my little camera and often the glare of the bright sunshine washed out the color. I'm not complaining! If it has to be cold, bring on the sunshine.

According to the Ohio DNR page, this interesting tree "...has the largest leaves of any tree found in eastern North America, with each being up to three feet long and composed of many leaflets."


Leontien said...

I love pictures of trees! any shape or form, it doesn't matter to me!

Thanks for sharing

p.s. i'm sure it is the cold!

Rose said...

I have heard of this, and think I have even seen it, but didn't know the name of it when I saw it. And have no idea where I have heard of it, but it did ring a bell.

Rambling Woods said...

I love a bit of nature history...