Saturday, March 12, 2011

A long day on the road

There's nothing like a long road trip to put a little adventure into your life.

Since I wasn't driving, I got to read a lot of magazines today. I subscribe to Smithsonian Magazine, the magazine devoted to the interests of all the scanners in the world.

I'm a scanner.

Barbara Sher coined the word to describe people in her work as a life coach. Scanners are people who have a lot of interests either in sequence or in cycles through their lives. So since I'm one of those interested in lots of stuff, I like Smithsonian Magazine.

Not that you can't like it without being a scanner. Oh, boy. This post isn't about my personality.

Obvious, isn't it?

Back to the adventure. There really wasn't any adventure, simply a mishap. Just west of Peoria, my window rolled down, but wouldn't roll up! It sounded as if something was coming undone and I shrank away from the window thinking something might fly up and hit me, but nothing happened. It just wouldn't go up at all.

Using Google and OnStar, we called a dealership near Peoria, but the service department wasn't open. We called another dealership about 50 miles east and the guy there at Worden Martin Buick GM was so kind. He knew right away what was wrong, verified that he had the part and gave directions. Then he had a mechanic get right on it while we got a bite to eat and in no time at all it was finished and we were back on the road.

That was fun.

I had a hot pastrami sandwich at a dirty little place called Atlanta Bread Company. The sandwich made the dust and dirt OK. It wasn't filthy or nasty; it was just dirty.

Arriving near my mom's, I went to Arby's to get a little bite to eat. I had all sorts of restaurants to choose from, but I decided to splurge and went to Arby's so I could get a Jamocha shake. Yum!

Did I ever tell you about the time I went to the Arby's on 100th Street? They had just opened and there was very little on the street back then. I ordered a roast beef sandwich at the drive-thru speaker. There was a pause. The girl came on and said they were out of roast beef.

I laughed! She laughed! How funny. I moved on.

Tonight I ordered a small Jamocha shake. The shake machine was broken.

Oh, Arby's, you slay me.

I'll be in Ohio for some time. I hope to blog quite a bit. I'd like to do a little running and little sight-seeing. I'll take photos for you.


Cindy said...

I am so glad your car got fixed so quickly! What a hero at that repair shop!
Apparently Arby's has some problems.

Rambling Woods said...

Glad you were able to get the car fixed..I am one of the small number of people who really like Arbys.. not sure why that is and I have never had one of those shakes, but now I have to try one...Michelle

Sofia Reino said...

The whole Arby's story reminded me right away of that LONG lunch we took and you showed me around DSM and introduced me to floats! Good times

Rose said...

Oh, goodness, you and my daughter must be sisters in another life...if I told you all that had happened to would swear I was being untruthful....(I just used the word untruthful because lieing/lying neither one looks spelled I used an alternative)