Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who in Sam Hill is Sam Hill anyway?

A few days ago I treated myself to a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds. I hadn't had one in years and I discovered they put whipped cream and a cherry on top now.

It was pretty good. Then today at lunch I ran over to McDonalds and ordered a snack wrap. I drove to the first window and paid. I drove to the second window and she said something about a vanilla shake. She had it in her hand. I smiled and said, "That's not mine" and she replied...wait for it:

"I know. Would you like it anyway?"

Well who in Sam Hill says no to a free vanilla milkshake is what I want to know.


Sofia Reino said...

ok, the Green shake... sorry but YUCK! Packed with food colorant. I DO like those wraps and good for u for getting a free shake. Well deserved I must say!

A piece of news said...

Sofia, hello? It's a shamrock shake. It's green because they use shamrocks.

Sofia Reino said...

Keep on dreaming Caron!