Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh, Shenandoah! I long to see you...

I drove up to Huber Heights, Ohio to take a look at one of my favorite schools. I went to 13 schools, but I was here longer than any other school, including college. I didn't realize it, but I was here at Shenandoah Elementary School (it's been renamed since then to honor a late Principal) the first year it opened.

What delighted me was how much I remembered, which was everything. I remember the sinks, the classrooms without walls, the refried beans in the second grade, the wide open library where I sat at the table shaking my leg and got my first library job. I remembered every single teacher I had. I remember the book they let me write, the music instruction, using the paper cutter in the art room and getting in trouble for it. Getting socked in the eye by Gary Shoemaker's foot during gym...a highlight.

I found out three of my five teachers have passed and one of them has disappeared. No one knows where she is: Margaret Sorrells. I found her photo on a bulletin board of old staff photos. The only other teacher left was someone everyone remembered and that teacher to this day makes me mad due to her use of humiliation in the classroom. So I graciously kept my mouth shut since everyone remembers her and was glad to tell me of at least one teacher.

Instead of having a field day, we had Pioneer Days. We learned how to tie-dye using goldenrod flowers, cooking bread outdoors, sewing, making tiny dolls out of cloth scraps and clothespins.

Yep, it was the 70s.

I had a dress and a bonnet. I promise if I knew where that photo is, I would post it for you. I was freaking adorable. All along the perimeter of the vast playground were shrubs that we used for houses when we played Little House on the Prairie.

I sang in chorus, which might shock you if you have heard me sing. All our concerts were in the gym/lunchroom combo. I remember lunch boxes, one of which I have blogged about. The tables folded into the walls. Here they are in their original avocado-greenness. I just love them!

Yep, up on that stage fame and fortune awaited me. No, not really. Obviously. This is all the fame and fortune I have right now, this blog, yo?


Rose said...

I haven't been back inside of either the elementary or high school I went, too. The elementary has been used for two or three businesses and is now a church. Not sue what the high school is used for...I know they have a new one.

Rambling Woods said...

oh my gosh..13 schools.. that is hard on a kid...I too sang in chorus or lip-synced as I was