Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nature Notes: Blue bridge and Zipp, the working man

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This week has been cold and sunny until today. It's snowing now. I've taken several walks at the Cox Arboretum by my mother's house. This blue bridge really stood out in the sunshine. This photo isn't touched up at all. I didn't saturate the color on the computer and the sunshine really floods all these photos with too much light.

But this bridge just pops right out, bright and cheery.

Zipp is a working Border Collie at the arboretum. He keeps the Canada goose population out of the area completely. He lets the ducks live here, though. You can't bring your dog here to walk around because they don't want anything messing with The Man while he works.

Did anyone notice that Zipp's name is misspelled at the bottom of the sign?

Here is Zipp coming at me. I was photographing the ducks. I took video because I work hard for you all, but Gmail won't let me send it to myself.

He was following a family that was visiting. It's Spring Break in Dayton, so there were kids at the park. You can see one kid in the photo below looking back to see if Zipp is still following. The kids seemed to enjoy their escort, but at first glance (and second glance, too) I wondered if Zipp was telling them it was time for them to leave.

Lastly,, this is a tree that's working hard to bloom. I hope today's snow doesn't make it reconsider!


Carver said...

I love the bridge. Zipp is a beauty. Looks like a great place to walk. Very beautiful.

Cindy said...

I noticed Zipp's name was misspelled! The arboritum looks like a beautiful place to walk.

Crafty Green Poet said...

What a lovely bridge! I guess Zipp must be kept pretty busy!

Rambling Woods said...

I LOVE this idea instead of rounding them up and killing them...I didn't notice the incorrect spelling until you pointed it out..Love the bridge.. great photo..