Thursday, February 25, 2010

Like I need bad luck

I had one of those days. No, wait! Listen. It was one of those days.

Everything went pretty well today. Work went well, the sun was out, the sky was blue, I got to talk to important people, I almost went to the Y.

The issue was clothes. More specifically, my inseam.

Last night I did laundry because my few slacks are all at the cleaners at once and that leaves me with only two things to wear to work: a pair of black corduroys and brown corduroys. The black ones are a little tight these days (ahem). Those brown ones fit, but the inseam is OK only as long as I am barefoot.

This may not sound like normal stuff, but I prefer to wear skirts and it has been so cold for so long that I have worn pants almost every single day this winter. And really, one pair of the slacks needs to go because I hate them more than most of the others.

Last night I had also put together a bag to take to the Y and all the workout pants I have are too short except one pair of wind pants (swish, swish around the track 10 times per miles swish, swish) that are a little irritating to me and those around me.

My inseam. Who knew?

My legs are too long to fit 'average' and my rise is too short to fit 'tall' and that is only ONE reason I hate pants.

Today was just the last day and all I needed was one thing to snap in my stabby little brain before I go insane. So I packed up my stuff, looked this horrible, long, terribly bad winter straight in the eye and I went shopping.

Retail therapy: $97
Having anything new to wear this winter: priceless

So what does this plate have to do with going shopping?

Nothing. I came home and cooked au gratin potatoes and fabulous Southwestern meatballs from Super Target. I took out a vintage Fire King plate with the 24 karat gold trim and I dished up one meatball and two spoonfuls of potatoes. I cut into the meatball and took a bite. YUM - it is hollow inside and there's cheese and green chilis and wow.

I got up to pour a glass of milk and before I was on my feet I heard it:

I sat back down and stared. My family has had these dishes for decades! What happened?

I immediately thought there has to be a superstition about this sort of thing because how often does that happen? I put it into the Google machine and sure enough it means bad luck.

Dang it.

The first time I wash all these new clothes, they're gonna shrink.


UrbanIdeas said...

Caron, I would not worry. What may have happened was that the food was too hot. I cannot see bad luck happening to you. And in terms of interpretations. Indeed a plate cracking or breaking can be back luck, but in other cultures you ARE supposed to break plates for good luck. So... who knows!

Stine in Ontario said...

Hmmm. Some days no matter what happens seems like a bad omen. I think Old Man Winter may be playing with your mind.

I bet the plate was very cold and the food was very hot - CRACK!

A piece of news said...

That must have been the case, but I am still really surprised! I hope for good luck all the time.

Rose said...

You should be a have a knack for telling stories. I always enjoy reading them.