Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time flies

I had a really good weekend. I went to the Y with a friend and we went to a water exercise class. The teacher was really generous with her time and she answered a lot of my questions about how to exercise in the water and jogging in the water and so on. After the class, we spent another 15-20 minutes in the pool. She got me to do pushups on the side of the pool and said my friend and I both did far more than she sees most of her male students do, which didn't hurt our egos at all. Except that most of her students are post-surgery rehab patients, but we'll take what we get. Then we checked out the steamroom.

Oh, there's a steamroom!

Later on yesterday, after I shoveled snow, I went back to walk 6 miles, which I did before collapsing into a chair in the ladies' t.v. room.

Oh, it's like a little living room!

Six miles is my standard: it's what I shoot for when I go for a walk and if I get in less than 6, I feel a little bad. But I think the last time I did a full 6 miles was back in October or November. I also wanted to do the 6 miles in 90 minutes, which is sort of stubborn and stupid because let me go on the record and say:

You get out of shape much faster than you get into shape.

I had to run mile 6 in order to get the walk done in 90 minutes. Again, stupid and stubborn. So I'm a bit sore today. Did that keep me out of the pool? Not exactly.

I did go to the pool today, but I took five boys from church and they had a really good time. I was barely in the pool and I didn't actually swim more than one length. Mostly I made sure everyone was OK and that I was watching them do what they were doing. The three younger ones are still in the "hey, watch me" mode. One of them got a stomach full of chlorinated water and it made him sick, so there was a little drama.

Everyone was hungry so we went out for fried chicken. That was good. Except for chlorine-boy. That wasn't so good. Neither was the Coke he drank. I finally got home after dropping everyone off and running errands and then I made a pizza.

I should have taken a photo because aren't posts with photos so much better?

Here's what I did:

Pizza dough (I had one last Trader Joe's dough in the freezer and I had already thawed it)
Penzey's pasta sprinkle (or whatever: it is sweet basil, oregano, thyme and garlic)
shredded cheese (pizza mix or mozzarella)
pepper and onion relish

spread out the dough, sprinkle the herbs on the crust, spread the shredded cheese and then, with a spoon, put little piles of relish around the top. I don't spread it around because since it is more like jelly, it gets hot and runs around the pizza on its own. Cook that until it's done at 425 degrees. It's really very good.

My visit to the Y got me a 7-day pass and next Sunday is that climb up the highest building in town and did I mention I'm not in the shape I once was? I know it is more than a little late to get into the game, but really it's never toooooo late. The schedule has yoga, yoga in the pool, exercising in the pool and that all sounds really good. But the best thing is the indoor track - why are all those people on treadmills!!??

Treadmills give you hills and a flat track doesn't, but I don't care right now. I just like to walk far and fast and it feels so good to do that. I miss my walks this winter.

I know not everyone has had such a long winter as we have, but is there anything you really miss because the weather has gotten in the way?


ramblingwoods said...

I lost my whole comment sigh.. I am glad you had a good time...

Sunflower seeds are the best to offer to attract chickadees, cardinals etc. The mixed seed are usually full of cheap millet, milo, wheat and cracked corn which birds like the non-native house sparrows like. So you are right on with the sunflower seeds....

Rose said...

I miss the sunshine! I said I MISS THE SUNSHINE! LOL I am so tired of dark dreary days...and though we don't have a lot of snow, seems like almost every day we have flurries. If it is going to snow, then snow...if it ain't, then give me some sunshine, please!

A piece of news said...

I don't like it when Blogger eats comments and posts. It is so disappointing. Thanks for the info on the seeds. I see they know the good stuff!

I miss the sunshine, too. We were supposed to break another record: we haven't gone more than 4 days without precipitation, but we've failed once again.