Sunday, February 14, 2010

A simple story: We all scream for chili dogs!

I love the Google machine. I put in “chili dog” and I got a definition. Because some folks may not know chili + dog = chili dog.

What is a chili dog?

Well, the answer is quite simple: a chili dog is a sausage served with a rich beef stew containing chili powder and other spices. The hot dog is usually served on a bun and topped with this thick and often spicy dressing. Cheese and / or bacon and onions can also be added, as well as any number of other condiments to make the chili dog even more delicious.

Once every five or six years, I reckon, I get a hankerin’ for a chili dog. It happened recently when I saw a can of hot dog chili at the store and then I told a friend about it. That just sealed the deal and I had to have me a chili dog!

Chili dogs remind me of my late brother John. When my nephew was born, I went out to Durango, Colorado to see the new baby, mom and dad. We drove up into the mountains and took a small grill. My brother fired up the grill and opened up a can of chili. He put the can on the grill along with the hot dogs, out came a bottle of mustard and there we sat, eating chili dogs to our hearts’ content. I love that memory and I hope the only reason I crave a chili dog now and then is because of him.

For my niece’s birthday, we went to a little diner in our neighborhood. I had been wanting that chili dog and there it was on the menu. Feast your eyes, folks:


UrbanIdeas said...

YUMMM!!! it actually looks amazing. Can you believe I never had a chili dog?

Rambling Woods said...

People wouldn't know what a chili dog is? I can't eat them anymore, but they are the best...I am sorry about your brother Caron.....

MyMaracas said...

Man, I haven't had one of those in years. But now you've got me hankerin' for one too. They are definitely delicious.

Howard Bagby said...

That looks good, but remember the words of Lewis Grizzard, Chili Dawgs always bark at night. (That is the title of one of his books.)

Caron said...

Urban, I do know since I am the one who got you your first root beer float.
RW, I just wondered what the interweb would say about them. Thank you - I miss my brother.
MM, you better just give in!
Howard, LG was so funny! I had forgotten about that one.