Sunday, February 14, 2010

Odd television: Why do you watch?

Slightly akin to staring at a car wreck, I find there is one show I watch despite the fact that it quite literally turns my stomach. The British version of How Clean is Your House on BBC America. That stuff is nasty.

I’m watching an episode right now about rats. She asked someone if he should be vomiting in the streets. Oh, it is so gross. I cannot watch it and eat at the same time. I can’t believe people actually live in the houses they visit and clean up. If you haven’t watched it, give it a try. Any day you don’t feel like housecleaning, watch for just a few minutes and you should be motivated to do something.

These two insane women analyze countertops and find infestations of bacteria, you see dead bugs and mice, they pull the nastiest things out of bathtubs. You can’t even imagine the people in these houses even take showers if their houses are so disgusting. But I watch. And they let children and animals live in these houses. Agony.

The BBCA site says: The dust-busting, mildew-murdering divas Swiffer their way through some of the world's most repulsive homes.

Repulsive is a good word. They touch things and smell things. It’s so gross. No one could pay me enough to do what they do and they're mostly really nice to people while they're at it.

Let's change gears. [clever]

Another show I can’t believe I watch sometimes is also on BBCA and it’s called Top Gear. It’s a car show, for crying out loud. I couldn’t care less about cars and just like them to go. But there’s something so interesting about parts of many episodes like these (who thinks of this stuff!?):

Richard and James in a Porsche Panamera race a letter carried by the Royal Mail from the Isles of Scilly in southern England to Orkney in northern Scotland.

Jeremy, Richard and James set off on a series of challenges in an attempt to find the perfect car for teens that parents and insurance companies also approve.

Africar: The team finds out whether a $2,658 banger will get you all the way across Botswana; Clarkson buys a Lancia Beta, May a Mercedes 230E, and Hammond an Opel Kadett called Oliver.
What shows do you watch that you just can't explain?


MyMaracas said...

I've seen a similar show called Hoarders, which showcases the same kind of Horrific Housekeeping. It is unbelievable that people live like that and raise families in the mess. I like Click and Clack on NPR, too, though I'm not a car person either.

I find myself glued to Ghost Hunters whenever it's on. Which is really stupid, because they never ever actually catch anything on camera except each other yelling "Did you see that??!!"

Rambling Woods said...

I've seen that BBC show that is like 'Clean House' and it is so much more gross and amusing.... I like different kinds of shows.. I love Sci-fi.. some drama, Nature and things like that. Also the history channel and the food network.. Geesh, I am strange... Michelle