Saturday, March 13, 2010

Annabelle's morning yoga class

Annabelle interfered assisted at morning yoga.

The culprit.
Don't you want to take that booger out of her eye?

The Supine pose. No kidding, folks. I didn't set this up. I went to get the camera because she does this predictably, so I knew I would get another chance.
Preparing for shoulder rotations:
Those little spots on the carpet are not clumps of cat hair. I checked to be sure! I ran the sweeper just last night, but for those of you with a long-haired cat like Herself, you know what I'm saying.
Her eye isn't rheumy, that's the flash. But I get this attitude a lot. What I didn't photograph for you (you're welcome) is how Annabelle's morning yoga class was interrupted by a pukefest down the hallway.

Stop by some Saturday morning and retch stretch with us.


Aunt Becky said...

That cat has the life I want.

Rose said...

No, thank you! But you have just brought tears of laughter to my eyes. Thank-you very much. I needed that.

Rambling Woods said...

lol..i always have a cat on me if i get down on the floor. i wonder if it is because we are on their level