Monday, March 15, 2010

I am a big dork

I have been going to the YMCA regularly and I haven't mentioned it so much here. Today I got to the locker room and changed clothes. Then I discovered I didn't have any socks. I had worn black knee high socks, so that was out because I didn't have long pants with me. I had yoga pants. Me in a turquoise shirt, grey cut-off sweats made to look like yoga pants flapping around my calves and black stockings with my gym shoes.

Nice. I'll wait while you scrub your brain.

I put my flip flops on and did about 25 minutes of yoga by myself in the yoga room. Then I flippt, flippt, flippt back to the locker room and shoved my naked feet into my running shoes. I stomped up the stairs to the weight machines and I did my weights al fresco.

My running shoes are mostly mesh. My toes were a little embarrassed. It was pretty cold when I walked outside.

On Saturday I was walking around a nice old little section of town called Valley Junction. My friend Cindy was with me and we slipped into a bar so she could go to the bathroom.

I don't like just hanging around in bars and in fact, I have very little experience standing around alone with no purpose but cooling my heels in ye olde local taproom.

So I did what any girl would do to be less conspicuous. I hopped up to the bar like a native. The woman in a green t-shirt sidled (no, I mean it! she really sidled) up to the bar on her side and in a way she probably thought was friendly said, "What'll you have?"

I had to make a decision. I was on the spot. She was waiting. I looked at the draw machine thingy - the tap? There wasn't much. Bud Light, Bud, Miller Light. I ordered a Bud Light. I started to rummage through my purse as she poured my drink.

She put it on the bar in front of me. "That'll be a buck," she said.

"I'll wait until my friend gets back as she might want something," I said lightly and I smiled my sweetest smile.

She looked me in the eye for a full second and I knew she knew: I had no cash.

Cindy came out from the back of the bar and stood next to me. I 'fessed up immediately: Rip it off like a Band-aid on a hairy arm.

"Do you have any cash?" I asked. "I ordered a beer and I have no money."

She laughed out loud, gave me a big hug and said, "I love that these things happen to you."

I won't live this down for another decade.


Howard Bagby said...

With my stunning fashion sense that outfit sounded all right with me. When was still alive there were a few times that my wife told me, "If you are going to be seen in public with me you are changing clothes."

Anonymous said...

Niiiice. Real nice.

Susan at Stony River said...

"I love that these things happen to you" ROFL!! I'm guessing she'll get her buck's worth all right.

Now if she hadn't had any money either, THAT would have been hilarious (to someone else of course)

A piece of news said...

Oh, I'm a keeper all right!

Sofia Reino said...

Caron, Caron! Only you, well and me too I guess, but only you would worry about how you were dresses for work out. I wish Cindy would have fooled you and said.. sorry no no cash... you know I would tell you that, and most probably it would have been true! heh. I miss Valley Junction, soon time for the concerts on Thursday nights!

Rose said...

Are you sure you don't belong here? I could tell you tales you just would not believe...

Rambling Woods said...

LOL...I love that you are willing to share your naked toes and missing cash....

Cindy said...

You know things that I've done that are worse than ordering beer and realizing you have no cash. That is the definition of friend.

I still think that beer was the perfect size -- and just one dollar!!

I loved the whole day with you.