Friday, March 26, 2010

There are times I wish I was one of those bloggers who writes everything in code so no one can figure out who they are. I could tell you that we are having a family birthday party on Sunday. Something is bound to happen that will be either funny or irritating or mind-boggling.

Families are fun.

What’s going on right now is simply that I have to clean my house. Why do women do that? Why must my house be spotless for certain people while for other people (who know who they are) have seen my house in disarray and chaos?

It’s like seeing certain people in public. Most people, including the general population of Target, Wal-Mart and Kmart, are allowed to see me in a stained t-shirt, no make-up and messy hair.

I am an expert in messy hair, so don’t think I can’t scare small children without trying.*

But when I go to the grocery store? I will put on a hat or comb my hair and wave mascara in the vicinity of my eyelashes.

Who do I think I will see at the grocery store? No one. It’s the same for the library. I like to look nice for the books and the groceries.

I’m all about being considerate.

*I once asked a classroom full of kindergarten students if they had any questions and one little girl raised her hand to ask me if I ever combed my hair. I said I did comb it once it awhile. She said, "It looks like a rat's nest." Her teacher was not happy.


Rose said...

We must be twins....

When I worked at the apple orchard, I would really come home a mess...sometimes oil stains...and always a rusty stain across the stomach area...not to mention what the seat of my pants looked like if I had to climb down from my picker that day...I would manage to sit on something...but I didn't care...I would go to any store here in this little town and actually felt kind of proud that I worked hard enough to get that dirty. haha

But if I had to go to Terre Haute, I would take a shower, put on clean clothes, etc...Why? No one in Terre Haute knew me...or it would be the odd circumstance if I did see someone I knew; while here in town, population 5,000, all the store's employees were familiar figures, and I would almost always run into at least one person that I really knew.

I have always wondered why I cared about Terre Haute...maybe because most of the people in the stores or whoever I ran into, knew what I did at work.

Rambling Woods said...

LOL..a rat's nest...Gotta love kids. I am not good with the comb all the time. Once in the morning usually does it.. and on the rare days that I wear make-up, I end up only seeing my husband and the cats....but have that yucky shirt on and maybe some mud from the yard and it's a parade of people I see....there is no fairness in the world. It's a crap shoot...Michelle

Aunt Becky said...

I am exactly the same way. Dave's all about letting it all hang out, but I'm down on the floor with a toothbrush scrubbing my baseboards in anticipation. Totally the same way.

You and I are related.

Caron said...


How long do you think it will last? Two hours?

ALSO, get this: I was in the grocery store yesterday rummaging around in my purse for 5 cents. The cashier said to forget it because he gave me the bring-your-own-bag discount and my $10.01 was enough. Like the biggest dork ever, I said OH WOW.

Right behind me mocking me? A man from my church. OH WOW.

Caron said...

Rose, there has to be something about it. We could be twins, indeed! Besides, you're right: people would think, "There goes Rose right after work!"

Susan at Stony River said...

LOL I have the same hair then. It grows in forty different directions and combing does no good.

Congratulations on the clean house!

Rose said...

Caron, I am pasting this down here in an older post...I want to give you a link to this blog I is called The Momma Chronicles

I found it a while back and thought of you immediately...I was originally reading from newest post to older posts...the newer ones are things her kids have said.

The link above is to the one I was just sitting here reading and I just had to share it with someone that I though might appreciate it...and I am choosing you cause you write a lot of stuff that makes me laugh also.

I do hope you enjoy it and it isn't a waste of your time!