Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lunch date!

I went to lunch today with two of the nicest young men I know: brothers Aaron and Ernest. We arranged to go to McDonald's. It was warm and breezy with lots of sunshine and so we drove with the car windows down. They had their state tests today at school. Remember those? They were awful. Now kids are allowed to bring healthy treats to the test.


This is Aaron. He's got to be just about my favorite kid of all time. He's funny and athletic and artistic. He's also arrogant and over-confident. I can't remember ever not enjoying our time together. I pray for big things for this kid. He's truly blessed with charisma.

He knows I'm big on his side, so I tell him no when he asks for some things. Like this afternoon he wanted to swing by a store and get some candy.


I have known him since he was six or so. They're from Liberia. Their parents escaped the war there and got to the United States.

This is Ernest. He is in the third grade and is a dainty eater, super sensitive and the baby of their big family. It shows. He laughs and jumps around a lot, so it can be difficult to get him to listen to you. He offered to pay for his food if I would let his brother come with us!

Then he got mad because I let Aaron sit in the front seat (like ALWAYS Mrs. Caron!) and I let him pout for awhile. He knows he is too young to be in the front seat. Then I let Aaron steer the car through the neighborhood back to school and that really set him off.

The oldest with me gets to sit in the front seat. What can I say? heh.

When I left them after walking with them, chasing them and cuffing them on the head, I got back in my car and I felt incredible. They linger.

I really love these kids.

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Rose said...

It looks like you have found some friends for life! It always pays to be good to kids. They won't ever forget you.