Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nature Notes and Signs of the Season

Visit Michelle at the fascinating Nature Notes Thursday to learn something interesting.

Things are going on in my backyard due to two solid hours last night. I haven't seen Question Mark Kitty, either. I'll keep you posted.

The photo above shows the dead lilies from last year. I bought six lilies and they promptly shriveled up and died and I was very disappointed. It was a surprise when I wandered out in the backyard and found these things sprouting up and looking fabulous. We'll see how they fare in this new location. I hope they can take 6+ hours of sunshine this summer.

The cages are to keep the rabbits away. They eat everything. Every. Thing. I also use the pinwheel to scare them. I don't know if it works to keep them at bay, but with the way the wind howls out of Canada, they twirl and twirl and twirl.

For the front yard, I bought a shrub rose. I also planted an heirloom tomato plant. Pink Brandywine, I believe. I have three roses that I have neglected the entire time I've lived in the house. I am trying to mend my ways. Two are red hybrid teas and one is a very small, but profusely blooming shrub rose (it's tiny) with lovely orange roses.

Last but not least: Rhubarb. It grows bigger than trouble on a Tuesday afternoon. This photo is after I took a modest amount out for a friend.

With everything growing so nicely, it is tempting to think summer is upon us. But this Friday night north of where I live they are anticipating frost. It's still early spring for sure!


Carver said...

The lilies look like they are very happy in that location. Your garden sounds and looks great. I don't need cages to keep the rabbits out because I have big areas of weeds or volunteer rabbit food. It amuses me that the rabbits are so happy with the weeds in front of my desirable plants that they leave the rest alone.

Rambling Woods said...

My friend who rehabs bunnies told me that I should plant something for the rabbits so I am thinking of carrots or something. Here is there is a lot to eat so they don't eat other stuff that I have...perfect post for Nature Notes Caron ....Michelle

Bird said...

If you have too much rhubarb you could parcel it up and send it to me... I mean, is there even any such thing as too much rhubarb? Delicious post this one, hope your garden grows green and many flowered!

eileeninmd said...

I think the critters have a lot ot eat in my yard. They do a number on our plants and flowers.

KaHolly said...

Wow, you're way ahead of us!! Can't wait for rhubarb! ~karen

Rose said...

The lilies should do fine there...I have some that get sun all day long and they seem to like it...though I shouldn't say that out loud. Knowing my luck.

The wind has howled and howled and howled here tonight..supposed to be turning cooler.

Want to borrow a cat for the bunnies???? No? I wouldn't either...though I haven't seen mine catch any, and I would have known cause they always have to share what they catch. But I never see any in my yard now.