Friday, May 14, 2010

Trip photos

Here are some of the photos I took while I was on my trip. This is a favorite snapshot of mine. It's me and my brother John. I look about three. That's a guess. I didn't check the date. Remember back when photos had the date on them? It's on the white border. I remember the drapes and chair in this house. The chair was purple and had no arms. There's another photo of my mom holding me the day I was baptized and she is sitting in this chair.

Here's me being goofy and bored in the back seat. I wasn't actually bored, I was watching a movie on my iPod. I have goofy covered, so this is me being goofy.
The grave in the foreground is my brother John's. This is his view. As I mentioned earlier, this doesn't capture the whole thing. It was really lovely with the big trees forming a canopy over two rows of markers. Very pleasant.
And the best for last is my mom's cat Molly. She's on a bed in the guest bedroom. Apparently she doesn't want the blind lifted up, she wants the blind on her. Maybe it reflects heat back to her and keeps her warm. If that's the case, we should have sent her to engineering school since she's figured this out.

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

It's funny, your mom's Molly looks just like our late Molly. And our Molly had to have things just so too. BOY, did she have to have things just so. :o)